University of California

Please describe your motivation, academic preparation and aptitude for graduate study at UC Davis. You should describe your academic plans and research interests, your specialization within your academic field, your research experiences and your career goals.

After graduation from the University of California, Davis I developed and revealed full interest in statistics while participating in SAS professional training program, offered by the Qtech solution Inc. Consequently I realized that it would not be efficient to master precise data analysis without advanced knowledge in statistics. Thus I decided to expand my future knowledge by concentrating more deeply in statistics so that I could really commence my career as statistician, holding solid ground in more advanced theories and tools in statistics. Additionally, with this strong desire in place, I have made my determination to go toward the graduate study in statistics by focusing on the statistical computing and time series analysis.

 Even though my major at UC Davis was Managerial Economics with a minor program in statistics as an undergraduate student, I found that my undergraduate study made me well prepared for my future study in statistics because the undergraduate education in the field of Economics covers knowledge in a wide range of fields—economics, management sciences, mathematics, statistics. To attain my objectives, I have devoted extraordinary efforts in studying mathematics and statistics. Based on the intensive work I have done on compulsory courses such as Calculus, regression analysis, applied Statistics and Mathematical Statistics, I believe that I will success in my career of statistician by attaining more advanced knowledge in statistics at graduate school. In fact, by enrolling to some more advanced statistics courses at undergraduate level, I realized this subject is full of complicated theories and complex statistical tools, which have fascinated and prompted me to avidly read scientific articles about statistics by accessing some publications, written by experts in this field, even though it is hard for me to follow and fully understand. My enthusiasm on statistics could not be decreased. I forced myself to concentrate and uncover the complicated knowledge in statistics.

On the other hand, my professional training in financial data oriented option with the use of SAS program at Qtech solution.Inc has pushed me to mastering better and more innovative methodologies in statistical tools such as SAS languages. During my training in this program I have mastered the necessary skills in performing the time series analysis in the financial field. For example, I can establish a data architecture that supports a single view of the customer using the data mining techniques to draw data from Financial database, and I also enhanced my  knowledge to carry out the modules to implement analytics that supports customer segmentation and profiling. Simultaneously I also developed strong ability of creating the modules for  analyzing and predicting risk and profitability for a specific company so that I can generate more information about the effectiveness from it. Thus, training in this SAS program has prepared me the essential hand-on experience to begin my future study in the statistical computing and time series analysis.

Finally, as an important aspect of statistical study and experience, I will try to master one or two advanced statistical tools such as SAS and times series analysis along with more advanced theories in statistics because this way I will benefit from it more in my future career as a statistician. On the other hand, one of the important reasons for me to choose statistics over economics as the area of my concentration is that my passion in statistics is so explosive, and I should work hard on my passion. Thus, I believe that my strong individual and professional approach and my unbeatable dedication to the desired area of study will turn me into an experienced statistician in the nearest future, and I am sure that as long as I have adequate confidence and make sufficient efforts, miracle would happen. I deem that my graduate studies with your department will be one of the best ways to reach my goal.