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Evolution of Slavery Across the Atlantic

If historians were compelled to name one of the historical phenomena or institutions that most determinedly shaped the creation of the Atlantic world by linking the four continents adjoining the Atlan... Details

Neolithic Revolution

Neolithic Revolution is the earliest form of civilization that took place in the 8000 B.C. (The Neolithic Revolution and the Birth of Civilization). Before the revolution, people relied on hunting of ... Details

South Asian Religions

Over the course, important lessons were learnt regarding the practices and beliefs that were predominant in the Indian Subcontinent during the time between its earliest civilization (the Harappan/Indu... Details

The Opium War During Late Qing Dynasty

Trade relations between the countries of the world have different history among the history of Great Britain and China has several critical points. During the 1800s Great Britain was a country powered... Details

The Architecture Of Imperial Baths And The Roman Ritual Of Bathing

The Roman imperial bath complexes (thermae) were one of the most spectacular architectural projects, in which the architects synthesized the tradition of Greek baths and new technologies. Details


The cognitive revolution is a series of events that relate to the middle of the XX century when science developed an interest in human cognitive processes and their peculiarities. Details

Genocides of the XX century

In the XX century, a new word “genocide” entered the lexicon. The International Tribunal for Rwanda called genocide “crime of crimes” and the Association of Genocide Scholars called the XX century a c... Details

Adverticement And Menu For Mcdonald’s In Japan

In Japan, McDonald’s is the leading fast-food company that has a vast variety of foods and attractions. Successful marketing approach and best taken ideas from global practices, detailed manuals, and ... Details

Lee Kuan Yew: The Five Practices of the Exemplary Leadership

A leader’s contribution goes beyond the present day and is to provide a long-term development of an organization and a team... Details

The Great Depression – The Disaster of the Century

The Great Depression is the term referred to the world economic crisis, which started in 1929 and lasted up to the beginning of the World War II... Details