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For the Common Defense

a)      Coffman and Duality

Coffman’s thesis is that wars have naturally been known to dominate the American tradition  and it depicts how, through the duality of American History, these two armies have been interwoven with cooperation and tension  in giving life to this tradition. The duality of American History refers to the history of two armies which comprises of a citizen arm composed of a variety of components called the selectees, the Organized Reserves, the National Guards, the Militia and a regular army which is composed of professional soldiers. We can never expect a return to the citizen-soldier model because it will be very expensive for the citizens to maintain a large group of soldiers, mostly men on a full time basis and supply them with arms. The notion of obligation in serving which was the core value on which the system depended has now lost the sharp edge over the years making a return to the citizen-soldier model to be difficult. 

b)  Motivation(s) for enlistments

The fundamental message that has been depicted in each of the three articles is about the American military evolution, the technology, its strategic doctrines and its institutions. All the three articles therefore, cover the entire life of the history of the American history starting with the European and the native warfare. The articles furthermore present an institutional and social focus on the new military history with emphasis on the common enlisted personnel’s combat experience, the professionalization of the corps officers and the process of control of the military by the civilians. The three articles also explore the relationships which exist between the institutions and the American military action and the role which unfolds of the United States of America in the world as a whole. The articles further comprises of the European and Native American warfare, the civil wars, the American Revolution and other American conflicts. Of the three articles, the most convincing is Mark Lender’s “Economic Opportunities for the Poor and Working Classes” because it presents a more detailed view of the American history with regard to enlistments in the wars Lender .

c)      The Military Leadership of North and South

The commanders which could be cited by the author as being worth of the title “great” in the essay are the wing leaders who played a very crucial role in the American civil war and thus deserve the title. Lincoln’s Generals in the essay are also some of the commanders in the essay who deserve the title “great”. This is because they greatly helped the North to defeat the South and helped the North to preserve their union. According to me, other commanders who feel merit to be recognized and given such recognition are the Citizens who were loyal to the union or the elected government because they played a vital part in the American Civil War and therefore demand recognition. They deserve such recognition because they helped the Union which was headed by President Abraham Lincoln to succeed in defeating the Southern Secessionist States which were led by Jefferson Davis as president and therefore helped in the abolishment of slavery and preserving of the Republican government and Union.

b)      For the Common Defense

Reasons which Millet and Maslowski present to explain why there was increased preparedness from 1900-1916 was that the US saw the need for common defense  and therefore armed itself with wise wartime command decisions, strategic thinking, military technology and tactical outcomes of battles and campaigns. The provisions which were contained in the National Defense Act and the Naval Act of 1916 gave the U.S the mandate to do anything aimed at protecting its sovereignity and that of its ciztines for the purpose of self common defense. On establishment, these laws had a great impact on the the Military who were empowered to go to war with any country to defend the US while the US government, on the other hand was piled with pressure of protecting it own citizenry through common defense because of the establishment of these laws. On the other hand, these laws had a positive impact on the American society in general because they were able to feeel secure because the act gave the US security organs more powers to act for the common defense. 

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