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History of Benjamin Franklin

Author’s Background

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin refers to the name given to the unfinished writing of his life. Written from 1771 to 1790. Born in Boston in the year 1706 as the tenth son to soap in a very large family, Benjamin Franklin struggled against all odds and proved to the whole world the value of ambition and hard work by becoming one of the most influential people in the world who shaped the future of the United States. In American History, also referred to as the founding father of the United States, through the writings, it is evident that Benjamin Franklin was a revolutionary figure who played an important role that helped in the drafting of the declaration of independence. Additionally, he is remembered as a civic, the man who formulated theories about lightning among other titles. Apart from being a bibliography, the book is also an interesting story and though he did not have time to finish it, the intellect and detailed description of various events of his public and personal life makes it a good source to learn American history. Benjamin Franklin divided the work into four major parts with each reflecting the periodic differences. 



One evident thing that one learns from the autobiography was that he was a renaissance scholar who was driven by the desire to make people’s life better through his famous notion that God would always be pleased by those who do well to others, his writing technique allows his book to have a universal appeal. 

Content Summary

The author Benjamin Franklin in part one begins by talking about various things that propelled him to writing his autobiography and according to him, it is important that one recaptures his life by writing it. In this section, he describes his love for reading, his experiences as a printer and with his brother until he makes an escape to Philadelphia. From Philadelphia, he goes to England and later on comes back to the United States. It is also during this period that he forms the debating club known as Junto where gentlemen can hold a debate on philosophical and scientific matters. The second part begins with him receiving a letter from his friends Vaughan and James who to an extent seems pleased with his writings and encourages him to continue. In another twist, the author goes back to informing on how Junto was created and his personal work towards attaining modesty and thrift. He also mentions on another likely topic “art of virtue” although he is not able to write. In the third chapter, the fruits of his labor begin to manifest. His newspaper, “the Pennsylvania Gazette” is rapidly expanding. Another notable thing about this chapter is that he reconciles with his brother. He is made a clerk in the general assembly. Additionally, his influence begins to build up in Pennsylvania’s militia is growing and founds the University of Pennsylvania. Other initiatives that he see their development is the first American hospital and other social amenities. Apart from the political influences, Franklin also makes scientific contribution through his electricity experiment and is made a member of the royal society. Benjamin makes way London to negotiate on assembly tax laws. In part 4, it begins with Franklin argues with the Assembly and Governor who finally agree to his bill, and he is celebrated while the assembly fires Governor Denny. 


Franklin Autobiography present a detailed historical record of early American history. One evident feature in his writing is the inclusion of the American vision. Although then America is not yet a country, the mission and vision is still evident and is shown through the character of Benjamin Franklin. He hopes to make the lives of people better by advocating for a various development project that will benefit the whole community. According to Benjamin Franklin, American dream means economic prosperity, increased security and honesty. While many of the European nation still had class structures, it is evident from the article that he is advocating for a capitalistic society. Franklin writing style, therefore, demonstrates a smooth, precise and short account of the important life events and therefore very interesting to read. This is evident because simplicity has been greatly adopted in the writing. Similarly, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the writing speculate various emotions and attitude that affect people’s behavior. 

Humor is another element that is greatly integrated into his writing. He effectively integrates humor with irony and effective social rituals. The first section of the book is the one characterized by humor. The importance of including humor in literature is that they aid in relieving tension and makes the reader glued to the article. It is also interesting how the author incorporates humor with intelligence. For example, in a situation where he feel there is any tension, he effectively used humor to elude his opponent while he can pass his point very well. Additionally, this bibliography can clearly show that Benjamin Franklin had a positive vision for the United States. It shows his brevity in the face of a tough opponent and how an individual can make use of the little resources he or she has to better his life. It is evident that Benjamin Franklin had very little regarding resource because he was born from an ordinary large sized family. He, however, refused to be defined by circumstance and drew his destiny. Consequently, critique has also pointed out very flaws in his writing. One of the major flaws is the fact that the author does not manage to conclude his writing and, as a result, leaves his audience or reader in suspense of how the book would be concluded. Similarly, in between the major parts of the book, the author sites external books or source which should contain further information but he dies before he can complete these sections. 

Summary of Professional Review

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is an account of a committed leader who has a great vision for her country. Besides being born from a challenging environment, he defies all the odds and manage to change the lives of many people. It is, for this reason, he is referred to as founding the father of the United States and a protector of the people. His writings though written several years ago continue to inspire and change the society positively. Additionally, his story helps the modern generation to learn and appreciate various steps and important sacrifices that had to be made to acquire independence. His writings are very effective because he uses simple language to pass his message. Additionally, he has integrated various element such as pathos that enables him to connect with her readers emotionally. Additionally, different aspects of logos have also been included and thus making his findings and details very credible because they were written and were actual happening. Additionally, the fact that he also uses humor makes the whole account very interesting and educative. On the other hand, although there are several loopholes such as incomplete sentences and references to external sources that he eventually did not write. The overall presentation can be said to be good because the book was written way back in time and has been classified as the historic writing of the American history. 

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