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Modern Science

Scientific revolution refers to that period in the history of Europeans when arguably the conceptual time when methodological institutions which were foundations of modern science were established. According to historians, it was a time around the seventeenth century which is based on historical reality not figments of imaginations. It’s notable that in the modern science, highly significant changes were seen in all European aspects’ of culture. For example, natural, physical figure of the world, the way to study, analyze and represent are some of the development aspects which hold the roots to modern science (Haraway)The process also comprised  time when diseases were very rampant for example the plague in Europe which kiled so many people ,there was war and even fire which  burnt most of the london town. these kiled these people swiftly.People believed so much in the bible, but the case of scientist was different they had no believe in the creation theories but focused on their discoveries which was to make the modern world.

There was a plague and diseases which killed so many people in Europe. And when the plague era ended. In 1966 there was another outbreak of a fire which burned over London for four days. The fire was propelled by a strong wind which was blowing in England for some days.

The rise of the modern science started in the revolution time back in the 16th century. Modern science has so far touched every area on the globe so far. During this time philosophers, theologicians and mathematicians were on debate about the nature (Dawkins). The rise of modern science was a chorological process of events which involved the founding fathers of the science. This process started from the time of Copernicans in 1543 he published the revolutions of the celestial sphere. These revolutions define the planets and the sun as a circle more than the earth.

What followed was a chorological process where in 1564 to 1571 during the birth of shakesphere, Kepler and Galileo Galilii. They gave so great contribution to the development of the modern science Galileo helped in the making a telescope which was in exploring of the planets, Shakespear helped in the publication art of hamlet and Kepler publishing his laws about the planets orbit.  Copernican came with the idea that the sun was the centre of cosmos. His concepts are in use in the modern science. Galileo galilii. Galileo came up with accurate ways of measuring time by use of a pendulum (Pyle). He was also able to make a telescope which could see in the space. Galileo main aim was to show the Greeks that the heavens were not built according to the mathematical plan. All this was because all other areas in the universe whose study never involved mathematics were neglected.

What followed after the death of these scientists there the birth of Issac Newton; while Leibniz was born in 1642 and 1646 respectively. They played a key role in the development of the modern science and continued the monumental work done by Galileo galilii and Kepler (Herbert Butterfield).

The raise of scientist such as Isaac Newton paved way to the modern science. For example, Newton came up with the idea that the force holding the planets in the universe was the same with the one which caused an apple to fall downwards from a tree. This is what is known in the modern science as the force of gravity. This was concluded after a thorough research was conducted. Newton set out to determine the mystery of motion in collaboration with Leibniz where they brought out  a conceptual frame work of calculus (Bowler and Morus).Other scientist such as William Haevey discovered how the blood circulated in the body which was a coexistence of old to new. Harvey was a contemporary of Descartes who were of an age when witchcraft was very high and people believed a big deal about witches. It’s clear that modern science emerged from a series of discoveries from many scientists. These discoveries have so far been modified and improvements made on them to what is known new modern science (Holton and Roller).

Later after the death of these founding fathers of science, in 1910 it was discovered that what Galileo galilii had seen was true about the planets .There were modification on his telescope to advance it which is currently in use within the modern science.Newtons theory on gravity, the Pythagoras theory in mathematics, darwins theory are still in use in the modern science all that they are getting advanced with the modern technology (Cohen)      

According to the scientific invention which was done by early scientist shows that the root of modern science is based on hypothesis and observations. This is simply coming up with a theory that elucidates an event on the proof at that timescales Darwin, Pythagoras, Issac Newton came up with. Most unique theories and discoveries about the universe. Part of this Scientific method comprises of two methods. That is, the testing and formation of a theory. Looking at formation theory, it was only deriving an idea or stamen from a collection of observations (Hubbard) .While in testing the hypothesis was verified through a singular collection of observations. Since the commencement of the modern science scientist works under the conjecture that their subjects of study are governed by steady natural laws.

There is tenderness of seeing science and religion as incompatible approaches in the process of trying to understand the fundamentals truth about the world. The most evident of all is that of Galileo which the most recognized scientific knowledge and coming into conflict with the religion. The Catholic Church was in support of the Copernicans theory against the heliocentrisim. Despite the fact that the Copernican theory had not been spoken about since it was wrote, the church insisted on writing it again so that they could approve it (Morvillo). Through research, history has shown that despite the inventible clash between the church, Copernicans and Galileo mentalities was as a result of a number of factors.

One of these factors was that Galileo had made many enemies an issue which kept Copernican out of serious concern of investigation about his book. Galileo also worsened the situation involving him in the public interpretation of the bible. The religion also tried leading thinkers in some sort of motivation in the process of sharpening their ideas of natural philosophies. In modern view is that science and religion compact with basically separate aspects of human beings experience and once they interact together in different domain there is peace coexistence (Vitaliano). 

Policy-drafters are progressively turning to scientific consultants to help them prepare political decisions and evaluate their impact, particularly when it comes to the possible consequences of new technological developments. Research conducted in the political and social sciences investigates their actions and identifies connections between scientific knowledge and social action. One of the objectives is to use the results for action in the fields of research and science policy (Benjamin).

In the sense of scientific knowledge with politics it’s seen that .policy makers are turning to scientific experts seeking advice. A rational science has to democratic and legitimate should have activates that are clear in order to develop information to the society and politics. It can also use the root for action and decision making process (Zilsel, Raven and Krohn). Science has been all long been called upon in to sensitize on the risks and focuses its attention on solving political problems and for possible benefits. Science key focuses is to strengthen advisory skills of communal scientist’s better policy and decision making (Guerlac). Finally science through research will be able to provide transparency in political discourse strategies which as a result increase efficiency and credibility in politics.

Art and science have common characteristics, they are both investigation means. Ideas are involved in both; they also contain hypothesis and theories where hand and mind merge. Most scientist study people, culture, materials, history, etc., They also have the ability of transforming ideas to otherthings.Most known artist of early age were like Leonardo davinci who was a draftsman and a painter his art work was out of scientific investigations. These enabled him to create good images of people (Horowitz). The other one was amstromer was also a painter and again had a profound knowledge in science and art. There has existed a connection between art and science, which can be traced back to the time of pyramids of Egypt (publication). History has proved that these two disciplines cannot exist in absence of each other. With time the two has been affected by technological advancement making the best out of them.

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