Nazi Deception

The paper is going to examine the methods and ways in which anti Semitic and more generalized racial theories were powerful tools that were used to effectively mobilize under the despotic leader Hitler and his Nazi regime, the establishment of Nazi ideologies and the practice of its principles. Hitler drew upon the old and specific dehumanizing languages to terrorize the people whom he perceived as Jews. The regime employed skillful, contemporary, and diverse methods of discourse to dehumanize and devastate the Jews people. Human nature and existence has often been considered to have more value than the other group of the animal kingdom, the redefinition of blurring distinctions between humans and animals often contribute to dehumanizing and degrading of human beings. (Auebach, 1995) Shifting classification, definition and interpretation of what is human species and what is animal species allow new borders to be erected in the lives human beings, color and origin. The discussion therefore explores the human and animal distinction in relation to the Nazi subjugation and demoralization of the Jews.


Hitler’s famous racial politics were informed by various ideologies, propositions and opinions on humanity put forward by many scholars. According to Nazi ideologies, the Jewish did not qualify as human beings. Human race cannot be classified the same and is concentrated with the eminent physical deterioration that happens when un-similar people from different origins cross bloodline. The antisocial forces and bottom races of people have held social change at the periphery for a long period. Some scholars refer to the brute strength of unthinkable herd and saw the elimination of the unthinkable herd as crucial to the survival and progress of superior races. Here, the moment of survival is the moment of power. If a being or a species is to survive, it must maintain the grip on authority.

The laws of existence facilitate the extermination of the unwanted and human existence makes sense only when it is of use to humanity. Hitler considered Jews as unfit to survive in the human society. He introduced the concept of Jews en masse, whether parasites, germs, or swarms made it permissible for Hitler to propose the possibility for lethal and comprehensive plan. The well being of Germany as a nation could not completely be achieved until all the sick blood in Germany had been fully isolated. Hitler and his regime modeled the preventive and remedial action for removing the infectious organisms. (Milful, 1993 P40) He reiterated the idea of removing all the foreign germs in the national body which were the reasons of its dwindling and fake ways.

Hitler said that there were no any possibilities of reaching to an agreement with Jews. Drastic actions had to be initiated if Germany had to salvage its image from state of rot and wastage. The consideration of the Jews en masse as a swarm worked to relieve the conscious and conscience of the German people from any moral qualms and anxieties. (Alice, Amole, and Clifford, 1996) The people of Germany necessary needed to disregard any humanitarian concerns of the vermin as Jews were called and be concerned with the well being of Germany as a nation.

Jews were depersonalized and dehumanized in the collective German eye; the law of hospitality became the law of hostility. All the efforts were needed to expel Jews from the German nation. Hitler regime used the metaphor of the invalid society polluted by adversaries from away or within the atmosphere, in the sick rooms of politics will always be polluted. (Barta, 1943) It can only be cleared and cleansed of unseen parasites of rebellion and clamor by vigorous spray of political carbolic. Using the procedures of medicine, by washing out the grey matter of the culprits and killing them by mass slaughter, extradition, starving and by quarantining those infected.


Nazi deception, demoralization, and dehumanization of the prisoners in Germany were a clever way of discrediting the Jews during the time of the Holocaust. The Jews living in Germany were called all sorts of derogatory and pejorative terms to belittle them. They were put in prison and Hitler’s soldiers used all the necessary means available to exterminate the Jews community.

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