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Western History

Enlightenment was an 18th century movement comprising of ambitious intellectuals with a motive to scientifically prove e... Details

Zionism and Its Early Arab Opponents

This paper is a reflection of the topic Zionism and its early Arab opponents; it critically analyzes the author’s... Details

Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Speech

Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural speech was delivered on the Saturday of March 4th 1965 at the Capitol grounds d... Details

How Benjamin Franklin Established the Public Library in Philadelphia

Benjamin Franklin landed in Philadelphia on the 11th of October year 1725, where he found Keith, whom he expected to be... Details

The United States’ Ratification of the Versatility Peace Treaty

The end of World War I led to signing of the Versailles peace treaty. It brought to the end the war betwixt Germany and... Details

Violation of American Rights

The American Revolution began when the Americans citizens felt that the British were imposing numerous conditions o... Details

Does Alexander the Great Deserve his Reputation?

Introduction Alexander the great lived in 356-323 BC. He was the king of Macedonia. He conquered Asia Minor, Egypt, Baby... Details

For the Common Defense

a)      Coffman and Duality Coffman’s thesis is that wars have naturally been known to do... Details

Pilgrims and Puritans

The Pilgrims set sail aboard the ship, “The Mayflower” to find the chosen lands where they could begin a new... Details

James Baldwin and Sonia Sanchez

This paper explores Sonia Sanchez and James Baldwin's treatment of the conditions that cause the secretive language and... Details