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Renaming Hawaii

To commemorate 232 years since the death of Captain James Cook, the Royal Society of London, with the backing of the captain’s descendants, wanted Hawaii Islands to change its name to “The Sandwich Islands”. The group anticipates to high net income from tourism and other investments that would promote the small island from an olf fashioned island to a tourist destination. Since a place like Lenigrad is now know as “St. Petersburg”, a country like Zaire is the present day Congo, and Bombay has reverted to “Mumbai”, it is also viable for Hawaii Islands to chang their name to “Te Sandwich Island”. Since Hawaii state is small in size, the suggestion is quite viable but  experts have to look into the matter to find out if indeed the expectations are likely to benefit the society..

Captain James Cook, born in July 12, 1776, was killed on October 1, 1776 while trying to recover a stolen boat from a group of unfriendly natives. On his several explorations Cook discovered a group of islands that have he named the Sandwich Islands; after his financier the Earl of Sandwich. The islands have since been renamed Hawaiian Islands. Credit is  also given to Cook for discovering present day New Zealand, tracking the transit of Venus across the Atlantic, and prevention of scurvy. 

Stakeholders expect the implications of renaming Hawaii to be very high because the island entains high tourism volume. Polynesians were the first people to settle on the island back in 1000 AD, but the island become an independent state in 1959. The campiagn to rename Hawaii Island is enjoying support of family members, the local society, and geographic explorers who believe the island should be reverted back o its original name. Claire Brown, the Executive Director of the National Geographic Society, says that renaming Hawaii ‘The Sandwich Islands’ reflect the discovery of past glory and culture that was forgotten and tourist figures are likely to double up if the new name is marketted international.

However, some of the Hawaiians do not welcome the move, terming it as expensive, unnecessary and unconsequnetial to the daily lies of th epeople of Hawaii. Despite the dissent, the group, the Alliance for the Restoration of Sanddwich Islands, is keen to have the plan get approval from federal officials early next year.

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