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The West: Exploiting an Empire

The chapter is about the Eastern American civil war which started as a result of Federal Indian agents’ visit to America in 1863. It was in Washington where the Indian delegates met by then US President Abraham Lincoln under the leadership of Lean Bear who was Cheyenne Chief. It is after Lean Bear placed a demand on the President that he got shot, and the civil war began.  After the war, there were significant changes which came into American society and among them there were reforms to address minority groups. The racial segregation had taken the centre stage making all natives sidelined, hence being squatters on their own land. The end of civil war lead to development of a just American society where the dignity and respect for all was observed and the Native Americans started to enjoy the rights and privileges.

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It is very clear that the minority ethnic groups in the American society were denied an opportunity to take part in the development of American society as opposed to whites. They had to seek an opportunity from the President, in order to be allowed to explore the existing opportunities, as well as taking part in national matters. This was witnessed when the Indian federal agents visited the president to ask, if they could be allowed to take part in farming. Besides this, other minority tribes, like African Americans and Asian Americans, were never allowed to settle in the West until the reforms were brought in the American society.

The lessons one can learn from the chapter are various ways of survival and adaptation used by the East to make ends meet. The Indian community in America never knew how to survive in the Western cities, such as California, Texas, New Mexico, among others after they moved to new areas as a result of displacement. This was after they have moved to those places courtesy of locomotive trains which facilitated movements. They had to change the system of living and adapt to new ways in the new territory. Similarly, the Western parts had to find new ways of survival after the depletion of mining resources along the Mississippi river. They resorted to farming in dry planes, which was also fruitless before considering other options. In order to keep on trying new methods of surviving, they adopted modern farming methods which involved watering the plants grown in dry areas and region which did not receive the rainfall. It also teaches the current generation on the history of America concerning the minority and the land issues in America.

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