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United States in Vietnam


The Vietnam War occurred in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos form 1 November 1955. The war followed the First Indochina War, which involved North Vietnam with support of communist allies against South Vietnam with support of United States. The Vietnam People’s Army deployed many troops to fight against United States Army, which used air superiority to encounter opponents operations. They encountered and destroyed North Vietnam’s operations, which included artillery, airstrikes and ground forces. America got involved in the war to prevent communist from taking over South Vietnam, which was the base of their operations. The war had a lot of negative effects. It coasted a lot of money to finance and left more people died.

Reasons for United States Involvement 

The government of North Vietnam regarded South Vietnam as a U.S puppet state. They fought against South Vietnam and France as they viewed and regarded the conflict as a colonial war. The government of America viewed the involvement in the war as a way of preventing communist from taking over South Vietnam.  Military advice from America arrived in French Indochina in 1950. The government of America started involvement in the battle in 1961 by deployment of troops and the number of troops doubled in 1962. America deployed combat units in 1965, which resulted to spanning of international borders, and heavily bombing of Cambodia and Laos.

The involved of American troops in the war peaked in 1968 during Tet Offensive time. After this, a policy known as Vietnamization made America withdraw ground forces. In January 1973, the Paris Peace Accord was signed, but the parties continued to fight. The involvement of America in the war ended on 15 August 1973 because of the influence of Case Church Amendment, which was passed by U.S. congress. In April 1975, the capturing of Saigon by the Vietnam Army marked the end of the war and both North and South Vietnam reunified in 1976.


The participation of America in the war had many consequences. First, the war coasted a lot of money. The war affected the economy of America because much of the government’s money was used to finance the war. Among the funds generated included wages for the troops, transportation of weapons and troops, purchase of sophisticated weapons and medications for the injured troops. America overspent money in the war which weakened the economy.

Secondly, the war involvement led to the formation of groups against the war by Vietnam Veterans. The groups helped Vietnam people to understand the truth of U.S. involvement in the war. The use of a chemical known as Agent Orange had diverse effects to people’s health. From 1962 to 1971, the government of America used herbicides which were estimated to be over 20 million gallons to remove leaves and plant used by enemy forces as covers. This chemical destroyed the environment by drying out green plants. The chemical also had negative effects to people’s health. Many people developed diseases like cancer and other deadly diseases, as a result of chemical effects.

The involvement of the American troops led to death of more than 58,000 American solders. Over 150,000 American solders were wounded in the battle. The veterans developed stress and psychological trauma. In 1970, U.S troops started using heroin. By the end of that year, more than 10 % of U.S servicemen used heroin in order to forget their encounters in war.


American’s involvement in the War had a lot of negative effects though it led to success of South Vietnam. The war led to loss of many lives and destruction of property. People should live in peace in order to avoid wars in the current world.

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