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Women during American Revolution

Revolution is an effected change either radical or a systematic change which accommodate both parties involved. A revolution is always enforced by a devoted citizens or concerned stake holders. For a revolution to take place effectively, parties involved in it feel uncomfortable with the ruling class hence need to replace them using either constitutional or unconstitutional means. Desire to win and effectively change things to their wish motivate them to be persistence to their goals. Although for a revolution to occur, pain and sacrifice by all activists must be accepted dearly, they hold to their vow irregardless of the time to be spent in the struggle.  This common idea guided and solidified the urge to be free. United state of America as a nation under went a revolution process which main players were men, but women of those days also took a place in history of American as active revolution architectures. It is believed that women were half the population of Americans during this time of colonial struggles. Irrespective of their number, many of them did not involve themselves directly but they were recipient of violence and death from their colonizers.

The fact that women were directly subjected to the struggles effects, some women felt the need to join their male counterpart by either joining demos, being activist or even joining the fighting solders to fight a common enemy. This fuelled the fighting spirit even farther and their male counter parts felt appreciated for what they were doing for their nation and the future of the generation to come. Female activists mobilized fellow women with a clear objective by advocating for what they thought was right for them and for the generation to come. They educated fellow women on their rights hence creating a solid movement of women who always said no to oppressors. They refused to collaborate with the colonizers by failing to work for them and buying products from the oppressors. This weakened the colonizers financially, hence making them unable to finance the war and sustain the colony. By so doing, oppressors found it not easy to rule on what they always claim to be a weak gender. The right to be treated fairy and with respect was observed by many Americans women resulting to unruly lot of women.

The family set up during pre colonial period of most Americans was that a woman was just a house helper to the man. During this time of war many men came together with one intention to fight out colonists for a good society and a nation at large. This notion made them to leave their homes and go to fight their eminent enemy. Men left their homes at the mercy of their wives. Women were left behind with kids and land among other valuable property to take care of. This gave women an opportunity to prove worth by demonstrating their capacity to do what was perceived as only men can do duties. With this effect women uncovered themselves with the notion that they were lesser being as portrayed by their society. This was the beginning of equality struggle for the women. Although they contributed positively by helping there men by taking up the men social obligation, they achieve what we can see to day in a revolved society in America. A woman of to day who can make a decision alone and enforce it equally as their male counterpart

During the war women who were more passionate about being directly involved in war took firm steps of faith to be in the battle field. There was young daughter of a cornel who persistently persuaded his father to let her awaken the nation by informing its worries that the British were about to attack them. This young woman went into the street shout to the highest of her voice. Here, the young woman act bravely even more the his male counterpart could have dared, were they face with such a challenge. We understand that his father was a cornel in the American but could not comprehend why her daughter decided to take that route. This clearly shows that women were as brave as their male counter part but their position was not very much evident in the actual battle and therefore could not have noticed their involvement unless one was very observant. In the battle field women were used as spies. For the reason that they considered as harmless gender they could easily source information from the British and give it to their male warriors. This useful information helped the American soldiers to organize themselves better hence launch an attack and time defend themselves swiftly.  Furthermore, soldiers in the battle field could not have fought satisfactorily if they did not have the love from where they woke from. The piece of mind they were accorded by their families motivated them. American can forget this major role that was played by women for instance there was a one American woman who by the side of his husband when bullet of death pierced him. She saw the last breath of his husband escape him but instead of mourning her husband she bravery took his gun and attacked the enemies blindly and finally was shot fiercely.

Though weak emotionally women capacity should not be under estimated. This scene portrayed how determined women were to fight for independence of their beloved nation.  Without women America could not have managed to over throw the British out of their country. They brought up their sons who later reinforce their father in the struggle for independence. Sometimes women were used to transport weapons from one place to another as they were directed by their men. This helped the American soldiers launch effective attacks against their common enemy, the British.

From history men are said to be brave and strong as the lion, but without a good care and encouragement they could result to cowardice. These ingredients of brevity were given by the women folk who wished their men before they left to the battle field a good lack. This made the men to fight with much determination and hope to return home safe. Not all women were brave to go to the battle field, but their presence was passionately felt in the battle field. They prepared and brought food to the American worries. The food rejuvenated them completely. It’s proved that no one can win a battle while hungry no matter how strong one could be.

Though women were perceived as a weak gender they played a major role in the American revolution which many believes that it deserve to be documented as an appreciation for their efforts during those needy hour in the a American history. During this time women proved capable as they were able to plan on how and when to effect a decision they took when they were left home alone. This was the genesis of the need to empower the girl child. The society felt the need to appreciate the women role they played by respecting them and offered a fair treat as their male counterpart.

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