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World War Two

World War two that occurred between 1929 and 1945 has been referred to as the watershed and this means that it was a turning point of history in the nations that were involved. America was also involved in this war and was affected and major changes were marked and occurred due to this War. Therefore the war was indeed a watershed. In women of the twentieth century, this war was a real watershed for them. This was the turning point for the American women who could now be in the workforce which had not been the case previously. The women pulled away from their domestic and home duties to be in the corporate world and they could now view themselves as independents who could now act on their own. The women discovered their power in the work force, reform efforts and also could now advance in their education (Norman 23).

The war caused a real change in the economy of America because they emerged as superpowers in the providing the manufactured and agricultural products and this has remained up to today where it is viewed as a superpower. Before the war, it was not the case and the United Kingdom was more superior to the US. Therefore we conclude that the war was a watershed event. After the war it was only America’s economy that had not ruined and this placed US in a good position because it had the monopoly on agricultural and manufactured exports. This in turn greatly raised the living standards of the Americans. The political effects included the broadening of scope of ECSC meaning the European Coal and Steel Community and the addition of more members and becoming the now well known European Union. This was because the ECSC after the war helped to diffuse the existing tensions between different countries leading to the increasing number of member countries (Liddell 47).

The existing League of Nations was unable to prevent the war very actively and this led to the emergence and formation of United Nations in the year 1945. The UN became the new global alliance and was to be responsible and in charge of recodnition of the founding of the new state of Israel as a quick response to Holocaust during the war. This was in 1948 (Liddell, 1999). The UN since then has taken an active role internationally. These are in areas of fighting any diseases and also the provision of humanitarian aid to countries which could be in distress. The presence of Russia and United States in the UN happened after the Second World War.

Cold war was also as result of World War two. The United Kingdom lost its global power to the Soviet Union and United States. The collapse of the Nazi Germany at the end of the war also led to this effect of partitioning of Germany and Europe (John 45).

The social effects of Second World War include the increased women participation in the workforce. During the war, the women took men’s places in the workforce and were well able to undertake the roles (Buzzle, 2002). According to Buzzle, 2002, the Red Army left a large trail of raped and terrorized girls and women of all the ages. Due to this the women in East German viewed sex very negatively for a very long time which caused adverse effects on the relationship between men and women. Many children were left behind who mostly faced recriminations together with their mothers. The sex ratio of men to women declined drastically to as low as 60 percent especially in Germany. There were also increased out-of-wedlock births (John 98).

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