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Guns or Faith

The belief that guns are key contributors of violence is not new. The United States is deeply entrenched in a history of uncertainty regarding the efficacy of gun control. The related battles between ... Details

Corporal Punishment in Schools

The rate of corporate punishment in schools has declined, but there are schools that continue to practice this barbaric and violent way of punishment that has a negative impact on childrens physical a... Details

Hybrid War

The working title of my research is The concept of hybrid war and the limits of international reaction. Details

Correctional Facilities

The modern criminal justice system faces numerous challenges associated with the dynamic nature of the global environment. Details

The Role of Forensic Science in the Criminal Justice System

Introduction It is hardly possible to exaggerate the role of forensic science in nowadays performance of crimes’ i... Details

Singapore Women’s Charter

One of the most urgent social problems that has existed in the society throughout the course of history is the problem o... Details

Gun Control Policy

Gun control is a policy designed to limit the production, possession or use of firearms or guns by private citizens (Hen... Details

Rights of Accused

Over the centuries the rights of the accused have been a major issue, especially in the federal government of America. F... Details

McGowan Case

STEVE D. MCGOWAN, TERESA L. MCGOWAN, Plaintiffs - Appellants, THE MCGOWAN COMPANY, LLC, Plaintiff, versus HOMEWARD RESID... Details

Beyond the Affordable Care Act

The United States has the opportunity to transform its health care system, and nurses can and should play a fundamental... Details