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Five Pillars of Criminal Justice System

In governance, providing a fair and effective justice system is essential in capturing public trust and we must understand that this is what creates the significance and value of a good leader. The concept of the criminal justice system must be understood as involving the government agencies, potential elite members of the society, and the general public. This means it requires illustrative and insightful leadership which can help enhance the justice process. In most countries, criminal justice system have been marked with improper proceedings and execution due to economic, political, and social influence of elite members of the society. This is due to impartial and ineffective leadership that is being envisaged by local and national leaders, and can only be resolved if proper leadership structure is incorporated. Therefore, I will address how the 5 pillars of criminal justice system can be applied in enhancing good governance.

A speech on the application of the 5 Pillars of Criminal Justice System

In our country today, and especially in the Philippine set up, the criminal justice system seems to be a more complex process to those who normally stand accused especially to the defendants with limited acquaintance with English command. It is evident that this has created fear and confusion among our citizen especially where they opt for fairness in trail. Therefore, what our country requires at this time are leaders who would be able to improve the justice system in order to attain progress in our local communities. It is normally pointed out that; “a good criminal justice system is one that enhances public dignity by providing justice to everyone in the community irrespective of race, sex, influence or origin.” In addition, “a good criminal justice system should not be a public good that can be easily be purchased and manipulated by elite members in the society.”

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It is therefore important to understand the main objective of improving criminal justice system as to “ensure that the complicated justice systems are clearly illustrated in order to give value of court proceedings to the bar and even the entire public population.” As is well known in our Philippine setting, the pillars include; the law enforcement, community, the prosecution service, courts, and correctional institutions.

From the onset, I strongly believe that the main objective of good governance should be to create transparency in the governance structure that gives public confidence especially in enhancing justice system. We can thus improve our criminal justice system through enhancing a community oriented policing concept that gives enduring and effective partnering between the justice arms of the government and the civil society in dispensing fair justice systems. This means the initiating and implementing community-based crime prevention programs would ensure that the community partner with justice agencies in championing for peace and order in the community.

Additionally, we must understand that psychological or behavioral aspects are the center stage of these community-based programs. Our law enforcers must therefore change their mindset and attitudes in order to effectively solve criminal activities without engaging forceful or violent methods. I will thus seek to incorporate a police box unit that ensures that the police agencies adopt a community based policing philosophy in selecting their service men.

Moreover, I will seek to devise an economic development plan through social reform agenda. This will ensure that each and every member of our society is empowered to actively engage in effective justice system that is non-discriminatory. This will be achieved through funding of the Witness Protection, Security and Benefit programs (WPSB) that would ensure that justice is dispensed in democratic process while at the same time our people are able to enjoy equal socioeconomic advances.

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Furthermore, I will seek to promote a criminal justice system communication plan that would give the public insightful information regarding the justice process. It is important to note that our justice system can only be improved by enabling all the parties to have adequate information on the proceedings and the consequences of the judgment rendered. I intend to achieve this by promoting communication programs within the justice system that would see posters, pamphlets and other educational material containing criminal justice system dispersed to the public. This will ensure that vulnerable populations, especially children are, informed on the consequences of engaging in juvenile crime and how they can be prevented from juvenile delinquency.

Finally, I will seek to come up with drug-identification accredited programs that would not only help in speeding up the disposition of drug related cases, but also train professionals on how to educate the public to prevent drug usage among their children. This program will ensure that the administration of justice on drug related cases is done faster in order to educate the public on the dangers associated with using drugs in the community. In doing so, the welfare of children will be protected as they will not engage in delinquent behaviors that put their humanity at risks. Therefore, enhancing and funding such programs will ensure that each and every member of the community becomes accountable and responsible for their siblings thereby protecting them from criminal activities. Thank you all.

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