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Legalizing Pot

In most countries, criminal activities are normally associated with the usage of addictive drugs. These drugs are associated with instilling insidious villain in an individual thereby making him/her viable to criminal activities. The consequences contributed by addictive drugs have prompted various counties especially the U.S to enact prohibition laws illegalizing the usage of the drugs, especially marijuana. However, the majority of the conservatives and liberals have agitated for the legalization of pot based on its economic and medicinal values. Eve Conant’s article Pot and the GOP discusses this issue.

In Eve Conant’s article, Pot and the GOP, the author makes some rebuttable claims concerning liberals and conservatives’ intention to legalize marijuana usage in the U.S. In this paper, the arguments on legalizing marijuana are provided.

Argument on Justification for Legalizing Pot

Conant (2010) asserts that liberals and conservatives’ campaign for legalization of marijuana in order to increase their rights to smoke is not true. These pro-pot activists believe that by annulling the law prohibiting marijuana use certain criminal activities would be reduced. Even Conant (2010) concurs to this by pointing out that when the U.S government ended the Prohibition in 1933, it reduced the activities of tommy-gun wielding gangsters.

Moreover, Conant (2010) points out that the FBI reported that almost 88 percent of American population is normally arrested for possessing the drugs, but not for selling or manufacturing them. This means that the continued illegalization of pot would only reduce the localized drug processing, but leave out the primary drugs sources. Therefore by legalizing marijuana potential sources would be identified and the excessive use of marijuana would be reduced.

Conant’s (2010) notion that liberals and conservatives’ agitation for marijuana legalization is widely influenced by its economic benefit is not precise. She notes that legalizing pot would save the American government $41.3 billion annually and generate $46.7 billion for tax revenue. It is essential to note marijuana’s medicinal value. The medicinal value of marijuana refutes the propaganda claims against the usage of the drug, which also forms the basis of American prohibition laws. Moreover, it should be noted that marijuana’s-medicinal values made California to adopt the usage of marijuana in its various dispensaries.

Conant’s (2010) argument that marijuana is usually denoted as gateway to insidious addiction making an individual to engage in criminal activities is contradicted by the case of Richard Lee, who was healed by administering substantial amounts of marijuana. Thereby marijuana regain its usefulness in the community.

In conclusion, it is important to identify and analyze both the benefits and consequences of legalizing the use of marijuana before illegalizing it.

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