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Legislations and Regulations

The requirement for the site is the construction of a 4 bedroom 2 storey duplex with a double garage under, ensuite to main bedroom and an in-ground swimming pool. Regulations and codes under the Department of Planning and Development have to be adhered to when deigning duplexes. The first process in the design concept is laying the foundation, but before it begins the site has to be cleared of all rocks and debris from the previously demolished house and the area has to been fenced. The duplex should be designed to be able to withstand extreme forces especially during construction and due to its closeness to the beach; this is the work of the structural engineer.  An electric grounding plate is buried in the ground for electric connections. Once done the surveyor carries out the leveling job and also the setting out of the area under construction as indicated on the survey plan. The plan involves the septic bed, the house extent, the garage and the in-ground swimming pool. The section under which the house is to be built is marked out, ready for the project to begin. The area has to be excavated taking into consideration not to collapse adjoining structures. The soil ought to be for termite risk, and if it needs any barrier system for its timber. This being a two storey building a strong foundation made of pillars is critical.

The two storey duplex involves one unit up and unit down which is a stacked configuration. The phase that follows is the basic framework, this involves laying the exterior walls for the house, the double garage and the in-ground swimming pool. The site selected being close to the beach would be more aesthetically appealing if the living areas overlook the north, with adequate outdoor spaces. The in-ground swimming pool should be in front of the house facing the so as not to block breeze from the beach and where it gets both sunshine and shade during the day. The double garage should be well situated to the south while the main bedroom is to the centre. The four bedrooms are shared equally between the two units. Building the walls takes time as for slabs have to be put for each floor, and this being a two storey building it would take much longer. The framework for the roof rafters has to be modeled at this phase. The windows and doors are installed as the project continues and the sheathing work begins. At this stage, one can also hire a licensed pool contractor who specializes in pool design. The concrete company can then work on building the pool.

This section accelerates the construction of the house as work can proceed simultaneously. The siding and roofing will continue as the plumbing and electric contractors make installations on different parts of the building. The wiring should involve setting up all electrical installations within the garage and the house within the interior walls. The plumbing contractor has to be knowledgeable about the in-ground swimming pool. Once he sets up a piped connection the water will flow to the pool and complete the drains. After the plumbing, electrical and building contractors complete, their work water can be pumped into the pool.

The building also involves designing the interior walls between the various rooms. Flooring and tiling should now start, and once they have finished; painting should begin.  It is at this stage that the kitchens and bathrooms are set up. Kitchens require more attention due to their plumbing and electric requirement, cabinets, sinks, hook-ups and countertops that have to be installed. For this house, they should face the east direction while the bathrooms should be to the west. Washrooms vary with the appliances of the owner.

Interior decoration involves bringing in the furniture to the living areas, beds and the layout of the bedrooms. The owner may subscribe to a telecommunication provider of his choice within the area. Landscaping is to be done after the heavy equipment used for construction are no longer in the compound.

Project: Construction of a 4 bedroom 2 duplex within Australian Capital Territory  Prepared by:

Anticipated Date of Commencement:                                                                          Anticipated Date of Completion:


Acts & Regulations

Building Code of Australia

Other Codes Compliance

Relevant Australian Standard

Fire Protection Requirements






Preliminary survey of the area by the demolition contractor before demolition can be done.

Planning and Development Act 2007

ACT Planning and Land Authority

Land use and developmental control

AS2061 1991

AS 2726/2727

The demolition of structures

Chain saw safety requirement/Guide to safe work practices for chain saws

Planning of the demolition exercise taking all requirement into consideration

Electrical Safety Regulation

Electricity Safety Act 1971

Gas Safety Act 2000

ACT Planning and Land Authority

Electricity and Gas Safety

Actual demolition of the structure

Work Safety Act 2008

Workers Compensation Act 1951

Workers Compensation Regulation 2002

Chief Minister’s Department

Department of Justice and Community Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

AS 1170.1-1989



Dead and Live loads

Wind loads

Earthquake loads

Clearing of the site

Tree Protection Act 2005

Waste Minimisation Regulation 2001

Department of Territory and Municipal Services


Planning how the structures will be build in the area

Common Boundaries Act 1981

Australian Capital Territory Planning & Land Management Act 1988(Cwith)

ACT Planning and Land Authority

Fences and Party Walls

Not Applicable

Testing the soil

AS 4349.3-


AS 3660 1993

Timber pest inspections

Protection of buildings from subterranean termites-prevention, detection and treatment of infestation

Foundation site classification

AS 1289(SET)


Methods of testing soils for engineering purposes

Residential Slabs & Footing Part 1:Construction

Setting out the site

Location of the septic bed

Surveyors Act 2007

Planning & Development Act

Construction Occupations(Licensing) Regulation 2004

Water and Sewerage Act 2000

ACT Planning and Land Authority

Water and Sewerage Act 2000

Not Applicable

Excavation/Fill at the site

Machinery Act 1949

Environmental Protection Regulation 2004

Environmental Protection Act 1997

Chief Minister’s Department

Department of Justice and Community Safety

Department of territory and municipal services

Machinery, scaffolding and Lifts

Environmental protection and nature conservation

AS 3798-199

Guidelines on earthworks for commercial and residential developments

Laying the foundation

Building Act 2004

Building (General) Regulation 2008

Building the framework of the structure including the walls, windows and doors.

Roof rafters are modeled.

Scaffolding and Lifts Act 1912

Chief Minister’s Department

Department of Justice and Community Safety

Machinery, scaffolding and Lifts

AS 3600-2001

AS3600 1994

AS 3623-1993

AS 2047-1999

AS 4349.3 1995

Concrete construction

Concrete structures

Domestic metal framing

Windows in buildings

Property inspections-residential buildings

Siding, roofing, electrical, gas and plumbing works.

Water resources Act 2007

Water Resources Regulation 2007

Electrical Safety Act 1971

Gas Safety Act 2000

National Gas(Australian Capital Territory) Act 2008

Electrical Safety Regulation

ACT Planning and Land Authority

Electricity and Gas safety

AS/NZS 4386.2 1996

AS 3786-1993

AS 3000.2000

AS/NZS 3500

AS 2049 1992


Wiring rules

National plumbing & drainage

roof tiles

Smoke alarms

Swimming pool and garage are being constructed

Not Applicable

AS 1926

AS 1926.1 1993

AS/NZS 4505:1998

Swimming pool safety

Fencing for Swimming Pools

Domestic garage doors

Designing the interior walls, flooring and tiling.

Not Applicable

AS 3958

AS 1288 1994

AS 2688 1984

Ceramic tiles

Glass in buildings-selection and installation

Timber doors


Not Applicable

AS 2311 1992

The painting of buildings

Kitchens and bathrooms are set up.

Utilities Act 2000

ACT Planning and Land Authority


AS 1351.1-1974

AS/NZS 4386.1 1996

AS/NZS 4386


Kitchen units

Domestic kitchen assemblies

Interior decoration and furniture placement

Not Applicable

AS/NZS 2588 1998

AS/NZS 2589

AS 4285-1995

AS 1680

Gypsum plasterboard

Gypsum linings in residential and light commercial construction


Interior lighting

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