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Lorena Bobbitt

Lorena Bobbitt, born in October 31, 1970 and to John Wayne Bobbitt born in March 23, 1967 got married on the 18th June 1989. The two had a strained relationship stating financial and infidelity issues. In June 23 1993, things got out of hand and Lorena cut half of John’s Penis which was surgically re-attached. Before the incident it was allegedly reported that John Wayne Bobbitt comes home to the couple’s apartment in Manassas, Virginia had drunk like a sponge in a party. He then raped his wife, according to the wife’s testimony. Aggravated by the assault, Lorena Bobbitt went of the bedroom to the kitchen for a glass of water. It was here that she grabbed a knife and proceeded to the bedroom where John was sleeping. She went ahead to chop of almost half of her husband’s penis.

Lorena then drove from the apartment and after a short while she threw the penis into a field. After realization of the severity of her deeds, she called 911. After a long tedious such, the penis was located, parked in ice. It was then taken to the hospital where John was being treated and was successfully re-attached by Doctors David Berman and James T. Sehn. This re-attachment surgery lasted for almost ten hours.

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Lorena Bobbitt was later taken into custody. The details of their violent relationship came up during the court trial. Lorena Bobbitt categorically stated that her husband had been abusing her physically, emotionally and sexually. She continued say that John Wayne Bobbitt had forced her to have an abortion. She even provided evidence that he always reached orgasm and never waited for her to reach hers. Several witnesses were present to support her allegations. Her protective lawyer sustained that following John’s persistent abuse Lorena was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and clinical depression. In other words, she was considered clinically insane. This consequently meant she could not think straight and was not liable for her actions. Her husband denied the allegations of abuse. After cross-examining, he conflicted his statements with well-known facts badly abating the prosecution case.

The jury deliberated on the case for seven hours and found Lorena not guilty due to insanity. The judge further ordered Lorena to undertake a 45-day evaluation session at Central State Hospital in Petersburg, Virginia. She was released after the session. After six years of marriage, john and Lorena got divorced in 1995.

To my judgment the defense was not viable at all. All actions undertaken by an adult are self-binding. If she was insane as claimed; Lorena would have not called 911. Choosing to abort even after being compelled to was as far illegal, she would have consulted a psychiatrist for her insanity disorders. To add it up, it would be extremely fatal for her husband. The injury if not arrested in time could have caused serious bleeding leading to eventual death.

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In my opinion, Lorena should be held responsible of her actions and face the fill force of the law. In any case, all cases including those of rape and assault should be reported to the police. Taking revenge and taking the law into ones hands should not be encouraged. Her prosecution would have been a good lesson to her and many others of the same character.

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