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Smuggling Weapons, Drugs & People across the International Border

Smuggling is a severe crime that is harshly punished by the governmental institutions within national policies. Smuggling of illegal goods has a purpose of drug and weapon distribution in different regions. Illegal human trafficking has a different purpose but works according to the same system of border transfer. The main objective of this paper is to describe the problem of smuggling and its appearance causes. In addition, the papers will discuss why this type of illegal action is considered as a political crime and how does it affect the United States and Mexico.

Smuggling in all of its aspects is a political crime, because it weakens the economics and safety of the country. Smuggling of different sorts of goods, including drugs and weapons, is widespread and severely controlled by the police. At the same time, black market has its own ways to distribute specific products, despite governmental norms and regulations. For example, drug addiction has a considerable effect on profitability of illegal distribution (Hipper, 2003). Drugs are easily transported from Mexico to the U.S. across the Southwest Border (U.S. Department of Justice, 2010). When weapon and drug illegal international trade is usually aimed at distributing goods, people smuggling has another intention. The immigrants run from instability in order to find a better life (Kelly, 2010). Over the course of history, people moved from villages and towns in the search for better opportunities (Zhang, 2007).

There is a need to make some changes. American Border Control and such organizations as UNODC keep raising social awareness regarding the problem of smuggling (UNODC, 2011). Concrete actions and shared responsibility are the only way to reduce the amount of contraband goods and human trafficking (Fedotov, 2011).

To sum up, it should be mentioned that smuggling as a political crime is intended to avoid law restrictions and expenses. With the rise of social awareness, the amount of illegal actions on the international level can be prevented and reduced.

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