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The Pros and Cons of Death Penalty

Capital punishment is the premeditated and planned taking of a human being’s life by a government in response to a grave crime committed by that legally convicted person. There are various ways in which capital punishment is carried out but all this entirely depends on the place where it’s meant to take place and also on the  convicted individual’s  choice. Some of the most utilized modes of administering capital punishment include among others;  hanging , shooting, electrocution and giving lethal injections.

This particular type of punishment to a convict is usually seen and considered by many as barbaric but  its advantages unspeakably out do its disadvantages . The following are just some of the justifiable reasons as to why its purposely  important to have it  carried  out ;

(i) To protect life which is sacred

(ii) To  remove some convict ( who can cause more harm)  from the society

(iii) To eliminate an individual who cannot be rehabilitated  from the society

(iv) To deter others from committing murder

(v) To punish the criminal

(vi) To take retribution on behalf of the victim

(vii) To decongest prisons

(viii) To give credit to prosecutors

(ix) To elevate the rights of a society

(x) To mitigate circumstances

(xi) As an assurance of justice and the nature of moral community

To protect life, which is  sacred

Whether controversial or not, any state worldwide has a duty to protect the rights of its citizens from the unjust taking of those rights. The state itself is supposed to therefore be subordinate to this same principal so that its citizens can feel secure that their individual God given rights are protected in every circumstances. When the rights of an innocent person are violated by those transgressors of law , the state has the mandate to use whatever means are necessary and appropriate to secure the rights of its individual citizens and its society as a whole. Without the protection of the state  exercised according to the natural law, the innocent  suffer and the unjust aggressors prosper , order and harmony break down and freedom for the law-abiding citizens is lost.

To  remove some convict ( who can cause more harm)  from the society

Administering capital punishment to a criminal is the most appropriate and necessary measure of ensuring that the society is entirely free and completely safe from being attacked by such criminals and is especially suitable for serial killers and those that revert back to  such grave crimes like homicides , rapes , car-jackings etc   even after serving previous jail sentences. Since the convict is no more  a threat , the society can rest assured that no such  horrible occurrence will come back to haunt them ever again.  It cheapens the life of an innocent murder victim to say that the society has no right to keep the murderer from ever killing again and thus capital punishment is a clear and extensive proof  that the society has a right and duty to act in itself defense to protect the innocent.

To get rid of  an individual who cannot be rehabilitated  from the society

There is no better way of  getting rid of a convict who is sure bound to repeat the same offense once paroled than carrying out  the death penalty. This  does not only serve as an assurance to the victims that  they and all others are secure as  the file is closed  but  also enables them to continue with their previous normal lives.  It’s also evident  that any one who commits murder is not worth being around or near other human beings and therefore should not even be given a second chance or even sentencing him to life imprisonment as this will only create hope in him of  becoming free again and thus encourage him to premeditate on his next murder move.

To deter others from committing murder

As a result of its severity, capital punishment  is the only mode of punishment that can dissuade others in the society from committing such heinous crimes as murder , rapes etc.  The fear and dreadful nature of   the death penalty tones down other to be criminals in the society and they thus refrain from committing crimes as they fear loosing their lives thus reducing the crime rate  in the society. According to a 2004 research study by an Emory University professor in the USA , the speeding up of executions greatly strengthens the deterring effect as for every 2.75 years cut from life spent on death row, one murder would be protected.

To punish the criminal

The seriousness and impact of  a death penalty on a convict is a clear and precise message conveyor that  murder is in its essence a horrible and grave crime which calls for severe , tough  and long lasting solutions.  Evidently enough , putting such convicts behind bars as opposed to executing them immediately gives them a chance to parole ( or even a small chance of escape) and thus encouraging them to commit the same like crimes in future.  Due to the grave nature of crime these convicts commit , capital punishment should therefore serve as a lesson ,  teacher and summary to such criminals of ever having a chance to think of crime again.

Since convicts of such horrifying crimes as murder are well known to have violent personality , they pause great danger to fellow inmates  as well as the guards and thus as an optimistic safe-guarding measure  to the most vulnerable , capital punishment should be administered .

To take retribution on behalf of the victim

Death penalty should also be equated to revenge for the pain and suffering that the criminal inflicted on the particular victim and as is widely believed , an individual who takes away the life of another innocently should not be permitted to live as life is precious and holistically sacred. Therefore , sentencing such a convict to capital punishment serves as a relief to both the victim as well as the family members and is justifiable that justice has taken toll on the side of the loved one.

To decongest the prisons

Criminals who have been convicted of murder and other grave crimes  should be considered as unworthy of even being rehabilitated and since its pointless to subject them to life-imprisonment  a quick and  eventual measure to end their un endless psychological torture  should be advocated for as it not only reduces  congestion in the various corrections centres  but  inevitably acts as a form of justice to their part and the reason why capital punishment is summarily the solution.

To give credit to the prosecutors

Capital punishment gives prosecutors another bargain chip in the plea bargain , which is essential in cutting costs in the ever overcrowded court system. The number of criminal cases that are plea bargaining are at times s high as 80-90 percent and taking into consideration of time, cost and personal requirements, there is no much choice. The vast majority of people that are arraigned are a matter of  fact guilty of the crime they are accused.  However since without the dreadful threat of the death sentence, there may be no other way of getting such a person to plead guilty and accept the sentence. If such a case goes to trial , additionally to the enormous costs involved , one runs the chance of loosing the case meaning that a violent criminal gets out scot-free . To alleviate this , the death sentence gives the prosecutors a much more deserved flexibility and power to ensure just punishments.

To elevate the rights of a society

Capital punishment is the only way in which the society expresses its denunciation of wrong doing in-order to maintain respect for the law. Its therefore essential that the punishment inflicted for the grave crimes adequately reflect the revulsion felt by the great majority of citizens for them . Its therefore a big mistake to consider the objects of punishment as being reformative only as some crimes are truthfully outrageous and the society insists on adequate punishment for the wrong doer , irrespective of  the nature or cause. By administering the death penalty , the enemy of the citizens is destroyed as the trial and judgements are enough prove that the criminal has broken his social contract and thus is no longer a member of that particular state. It’s also a clear justification that the victims life is well valued and that the killer has been punished fully.

Certainly speaking, both freedom and life are fundamental human rights and thus capital punishment is vital as its only agreeably and argumentatively that since life is of fundamental importance to human rights , taking it away is also an equally critical and a grave violation of the same human rights. By committing grave crimes such as homicides etc those criminals have voluntarily subjected themselves to forfeiture of their human rights of freedom as a result their actions.

To mitigate circumstances

Convicts who commit these vicious crimes have often suffered from neglect , emotional trauma , violence , cruelty and even abandonment . These very extreme extenuating circumstances have totally  and extensively damaged their humanity to the point that they are driven by their previous guilt into committing more crime in order to go back to where they were before ( in prison ) as a means escape  as they ca no longer fit in the society. They may therefore end up committing worse of crimes than before and as a precautionary measure , corporate responsibility somehow has to be factored in to some degree to even out the situation and this is where capital punishment comes in handy both to the convict and victims.

To offer justice and the nature of moral community

A common and central principle of a just society is the fact that everyone has equal rights to life , liberty and pursuit of happiness. Within this distinctive framework some acts are therefore considered vile and destructive of the community in that they violate the rights of the perpetrator to membership and even to life.

The privilege of living and pursuing the good life in society is not therefore absolute as it can be negated by behavior that undermines the nature and morals of that community. The essential basis on which a community is built requires each citizen to honor the rightful claims of others. The preservation of moral community demands that the shattering of this foundation of existence must be treated and given utmost seriousness. Since life is precious , the moral community must uphold it dearly and thus those that do not honor the life of others nullify and void their own rights of membership. These transgressors of law and violators of personhood of others especially habitually must be made to pay the ultimate penalty . This form of punishment must be inflicted for the sake of maintaining the community whose foundation has been greatly violated.  The punishment  should fit the crime committed as a way of  sufficiently honoring the nature of a moral community.

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