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Victims of Crime: Rape Victims


Regrettably, rape is a depressing actuality for many Americans. According to the American Heritage College Dictionary, rape is a form of crime of forcing another individual to surrender to sex acts. Rape is an enormous difficulty faced by our society; on the other hand, there is a pair of ways that rape victims can lessen the likelihood of this offence happening to them. Individuals can embark on to providing information about their rapist to reduce the likelihood of that person perpetrating the offence again. It is essential that Americans familiarize with our surroundings and what we can do to avert this from occurring to us. Rape is a distressing wrong that can have long-term unhelpful psychological effects on the victim.

Such individuals require taking several precautions so as to minimize the any possibility that the particular individual that they were involved with has never committed sex crime before. Following the fact that most of most of the rape victims have knowledge of their assailants, then this becomes yet another easy task. As per the statistics filed by the American Rape Statistics, “nearly 28% of victims are said to be raped by their boyfriends or husbands, a whopping 35% by their acquaintances, and a marginal 5% of the cases are perpetrated by relatives” (Krantz &  Garcia,2005, pp.818).

Rapes have been mostly associated with those people who are close to the victim, or those with whom the victim feels safest such a boyfriend or husband. Avoidable measure to decrease the incident of rape is to think about establishing out if their important other is a listed sex criminal. an additional thing people are capable of doing is by visiting the National Alert Registry website and establishing the number of sex offenders registered in your area. Furthermore, must search to distinguish if somebody you are in view of having a date or marrying is recorded. To amplify the consistency of the sex reprobate register it is significant that victims of rape report the crime.

Rapists prey on their victims with the knowledge that victims typically do not testify when their rape. Rapists have a propensity to target susceptible persons, such as, women and children. Women have the highest number of rape victims. As pointed out by Abbey et.at (2004), 1 in every 6 women is usually sexually assaulted during their lifetime. A depressing fact is 60% of sexual assaults go unreported to the police. Individuals do not regularly report their rape for the reason that they are afraid. They have the belief that it is a personal or private matter and they dread an act of vengeance from their assailant (pp.323).

Women, in addition to other victims usually mislay their self-worth; consequently, rape persists to be under-reported. A decree to have more rapes reported is to provide more organizations to expand counselling and advocacy services for rape victims. Optimistically, this will enhance the enthusiasm of victims to account rapes to the police. A number of people come to a decision not to report for the reason that they do not consider exposing the crime will construct a difference. On the other hand, reporting can guide to the rapist being sent to jail especially when there is enough and substantial evidence. Despite the fact that being registered as a sex offender is not the most excellent way to grip those that execute sexual offenses it is an effort to hold offenders responsible (pp.324).

Victims of rape frequently leave long-term symptoms emotionally. The sexual assault becomes a load they bear for the remainder of their lives. These can severely burnt victims in beyond imaginable doubts such as developing a pitiable sense of confidence, love, closeness, as well as self-esteem. These are fundamental traits all women desire in a relationship and devoid of which victims find them off balance and several of the times they happen to be incapable of leading a normal life. A couple of answers to this problem are considering a therapist along with enrolling for a rape victim organization. These choices may not only aid in helping heal the heart but also act in diminishing the responsibility the victims carry (Amy & Arthur, 2001, ¶1-5).

Additionally, it may help victims alter the way they think and edify them on how to evade cases of rape happening again. According to Nonsense Self-defence site, circumventing rape is simply easy if you are responsive to your surroundings and not blindly situating yourself at threat. To make certain that you defend yourself from fetching a rape victim, you should realize how to be  mentally prepared in the incident that you are located in that situation and to become skilled at self-defence techniques that will aid you get out of the condition.  It has been established that surely, individuals who cope to get out an effort of a rape condition frequently suffer from analogous issues of those who were in reality raped.

A number of victims of tried rape come across psychological exertions as well but usually not to the point of actual victims. Numerous women that live with virtually being sexually battered typically do not achieve help. Nevertheless, time occasionally helps cure the pain linked with the depressing event. Even though women do not disregard what has transpired to them they are numerous times capable of moving on as well as accepting that it happened to them. Similar to in the film the Watchmen, Sally informs her daughter, “In the end, you just wash your hands of it and shut it away.” She did acknowledge that she was a sufferer of tried rape but she did not desire it to dash and envisage the rest of her existence in addition to what type a person she would be. 

According to Roberts, Ann & Regehr (2009), A lot of children are rape victims as well, sometimes in the structure of incest by their dads or even relatives in addition to other times as sexual assaults by others. It is critical that Parents must continue to provide protection to their children according to the best of their abilities. This encompasses enlightening children in relation to their bodies and what is tolerable with what is not. According to statistics from the RAINN website, 15% of rape victims are beneath the age twelve. This is surprising and we want to put our detective foot presumptuous and decrease these numbers considerably (pp.224).

The persons of rape are three times further prone to experience depression,  more than six times probable to go post-traumatic stress disorder, thirteen times further likely to misuse alcohol, twenty-six times extra likely to misuse drugs, and four times more likely to consider suicide. These are colossal life changing things for rape victims, by having drastic impacts on their lives. Occasionally the disaster of rape is not apprehended. Several victims are not capable to lead normal lives in addition to reaching their packed potential. It is in actuality everyone's responsibility to turn out to be involved in victim's lives and provide them with the complete support they need. Rape is too widespread today and it must be minimized by reducing the number of culprits as well victims. Additionally, it is of the essence that individuals take a more down to business role to defend themselves from sex offenders by making use of the National Alert Registry.


For scholars of civic policy, support groups, as well as legislators alike, issues about how law can pre-eminently act in response to the scandalous victimization of minorities in addition to others who are methodically disadvantaged present a pressing, yet recognizable, predicament. This dilemma is often settled as a query: must those concerned in enhancing the prominence and benefit of minority groups trail policies that provide exceptional management for minorities; or, otherwise, should they trail policies that take no notice of the exceptional public location, extraordinary qualities, and communally prearranged obstacles expressed by minorities and labour solely towards convalescing the legal as well as social resources accessible to all victims of crime, despite of their societal characteristics or group membership? (Thornhill & Thornhill, 1983, n.p.).

 Settled more concisely, must all victims of misdeed be taken care of the same or must some sufferers of crime, to be precise people who visage exceptional barriers on their way in to the criminal justice system and chasing justice are renowned and treated in a different way? Traditionally and in the present era, lawmakers, especially policymakers, and advocates for minorities have had to act in response to this enquiry. Moreover, how they have reacted and persist to respond to this enquiry is significant for the creation of criminal law as well as the delivery of social justice in the United States.

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