Why is Marijuana Illegal

Marijuana, also known as Cannabis, marihuana and ganja means any preparation of the cannabis plant preparation that is prepared entirely for psychoactive drug. The most common used type of cannabis is the dried herb form. The commonly available herbal form is the flowers, stalks and leaves of the mature plants. This form of drug is known as hashish or hash.

The most and major psychoactive chemical that is found in the marijuana is known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). There is other about 66 canabinoids present in the cannabis and they include Cannabidiol (CBD), the tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) and cannabinol (CBN) and are believed to influence the action of THC.

There have been different debates as to whether the marijuana should be legalized or should it be illegalized. Different states have legalized the use of cannabis in different occasions though there are doubts as to whether there is measure that has been taken to regulate the use of marijuana.

Is the legalization of marijuana valid?

There have been debates over the legalization of the marijuana, though it is commonly referred as cannabis sativa. It has been a controversial debate that has ever occurred in the United States. Marijuana has been used as medicine in different countries over the years which have been documented for over 2700BC.

The advocating of legalizing marijuana has been there for years and there have been several reasons as to why marijuana should be legalized.

  • The most probable reasons as to why marijuana should be legalized are that governments could earn money from the taxes that could be got from taxes from its sales.
  • The medical benefits that are brought about by marijuana outweigh the probable abuses that it could bring.
  • Marijuana has several benefits in the paper and the clothing industry.

The legalization of marijuana should be considered even though there are different groups that are trying to bring down the reasons of legalization of this herb. They claim that marijuana is harmful to the users’ health and it influences the user to indulge in crime and more harmful drugs.

Use of marijuana as medicine

According to the American Medical Association, marijuana is safer that taking most over the counter prescriptions, the alcohol and the cigarettes. Marijuana, in its natural form, it’s the safest therapeutic substance that is known to man. If administered, marijuana can be used safely within a supervised medical care. It’s sarcastic to illegalize marijuana and legalize alcohol and it’s the main cause of deaths and cigarettes contribute to over 400,000 premature deaths every year.

A person who have consumed marijuana and alcohol, its evident that the person who have taken alcohol will not be able to walk without any support or help which may in turn result to unconsciousness or death. Even though this will be experienced when one consumes excess alcohol, smoking extreme amount of marijuana will have no effect to someone beyond making the person to sleep, so alcohol is worse that marijuana since it causes death (John et al, 46)

The only effect that has been found by smoking marijuana is that it causes more tar compared to cigarettes and produces more carbon dioxide. It’s more rear to have the marijuana smoker smoking excessively that those who smoke cigarettes. Marijuana was found also to relieve a patient undergoing chemotherapy from nausea (World Drug Report, 2).

Reasons why marijuana should be legalized

  • Marijuana’s THC is less toxic compared to the legalized nicotine. This makes it unnecessary to illegalize a less reactive and harmless herbs and legalizing more stronger and harmful product.
  • Compared to cigarette smokers, marijuana smokers are less addicted to it. That is, marijuana is less addictive compared to cigarettes
  • The legalization of marijuana has been backed by the public health and also it has not been a police issue rather a public health issue.
  • Most deaths are caused by cigarettes and alcohol and most people still used them despite of the warnings. Marijuana has fewer deaths and not many people take them.
  • Beside medical health, legalizing marijuana will create employment as most people will indulge in cultivating it.
  •  Since the sales and growth of marijuana is done secretly, the government has continued losing billions on tax. Legalizing marijuana will earn the government revenues through tax.
  • Marijuana is believed to increase appetite, thus it can be used to increase the appetites of the sick and also influence them sleep.
  • Compared to alcohol, marijuana does not impair the one’s eye sight though it is not recommended when one is using heavy machinery or tool.
  • Compared to Amsterdam and Canada, US have high crime rates and marijuana is illegal. The two countries have legalized marijuana.
  • Though marijuana and alcohol causes temporary memory loss, marijuana does not destroy the liver as alcohol (Alan et al, 36).

Why marijuana has remained illegal

Marijuana is illegal in the United States and there are several reasons that have been associated with the illegalization of this herb.

  • According to the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, marijuana was classified under the Schedule 1 drugs that have high probability of being abused. The perception that people have on marijuana is that marijuana users get hooked and it starts dominating their lives. Though this happens in some cases, it’s just the perception of peoples’ minds and there is no medical back up for this claim. Marijuana is not addictive as the government claims because still there is no medical evidence that has backed this.
  • Marijuana has gained popularity and support medically as it has been found to a solution for different ailments ranging from glaucoma to cancer. These claims have not supported the legalization of marijuana because, though evidenced, have not been accepted at national level and has remained a national controversy. In order to put down the legalization of marijuana down, there are several claims and often highlights on the effects it has on lives to those who use it medically and those who use it for pleasure.
  •  Marijuana has been for a long time been linked to the narcotics. The early narcotics law was written to regulate narcotics and its derivatives including the morphine, heroine. Though marijuana is not a narcotic drug, it was linked to cocaine.  There is a long and conversations in America concerning the normal recreational drugs such as cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and the abnormal drugs that include the heroine, cocaine and the methamphetamine. Marijuana has of late been categorized as gate way drug and this is the reason why it’s being convincingly to be legalized.
  • Marijuana has also been associated to the drug of losers and hippies. Though there is a long association of marijuana and crimes, marijuana possessions is illegal and the society as well has criminalized its usage and this on the other hand has contributed to the continued illegalization of the drug.
  • Marijuana was associated with the 1930 anti-chicano movement. It was believed that marijuana was being used by the stubborn Mexican American and it was illegalized in order to discourage the development of the Mexican American sub cultures (Saitz, 2).
  • Since the ban of marijuana had been long, there has been debates that advocates for lifting the ban and others encouraging the ban to continue, this has shown the ban as unstable and thus there have been no clear way as to whether the ban should lifted.  
  • Marijuana has been illegalized because those who advocates for it have no concrete reason as to why it should be legalized. The claims they put forward lack concrete reasoning to support their arguments. The reasons they put forward include: that marijuana increases creativity; it promotes open mindedness as well as bringing a person closer to God or cosmos. This argument lacks enough reasoning and support that would encourage the government and the concerned parties to lift the ban against marijuana.  It would be much better if they argued by saying that marijuana makes a person happy without any side effects compared to alcohol and other drugs (Peter, 2009).

Marijuana Side Effects

The side effects that are associated with marijuana are caused by smoking and consumption of the drug. Marijuana influences the minds and the body of the user. It is estimated that about 6 to 11 percent of the accidents that occur are influenced by marijuana. There are other external side effects that are caused by marijuana that include the legal problems, interaction with other people and financial management.

Marijuana is smoked, eaten or dipped in tea, it’s mostly abused when taken eaten or dipped in tea because it’s much easier to consume large amount at once. Marijuana leads loose of self identifications, hallucinations and delusions. It has several street names that makes easy to abuse the drug as the authority may not know when the abusers are referring to it.

Marijuana is an addictive is continuously taken. It makes the addicted user to have uncontrollable urge of the drug when is not available even though it has several pending consequences. Marijuana users cannot perform without using it even in crucial situations like in court hearings (Richard, 73)

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