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Roles and Functions in Directing

The obligation of registered nurses to provide quality and safe care creates challenges and induced concerns when they have to delegate duties to newly registered nurses or unlicensed assistive person... Details

My Nursing Autobiography

Earlier in life, my dream has been to become a nurse based on my strong desire to care and provide for peoples needs. I grew up in a medical family with my mum as registered nurse and my elder brother... Details

The Impact on Care Coordination by the Nurse Practitioner

Historically, advanced registered practice nurses (APRNs) have worked collaboratively with other healthcare providers to offer care coordination and care management. Evidence shows that when APRNs suc... Details

Radiation Oncology Department

Radiation oncology departments in various medical centers are the departments that deal with cancer patients, including diagnosing them, treating them, and educating them on ways of avoiding cancer. M... Details

Dementia of the Alzheimer’s type

Alzheimer's disease affects 6% to 10% of the population over age 65 in the United States, and, unfortunately, the number of the people suffering from this disease has risen dramatically through the mi... Details

Importance of Nursing Theory

There exist many nursing theories, which can be applied in practice and be useful for both healthcare professionals and patients. It is understandable that nursing research is absolutely necessary for... Details

Types of Diabetes and Pharmacotherapy

Running head: TYPES OF DIABETES AND PHARMACOTHERAPY 1. Diabetes is a major problem in the United States and affects millions of people who comprise children, adolescents, and adults (American Diabetes... Details

Nursing Leadership

The definition of administration may change in light of the particular situation and setting to which it is connected. However, in general sense, authority is a process by which deliberate influence i... Details

Economic Factors Affecting the Health Sector

Reduced government budgets, low family financial position and increased costs of drugs from pharmaceutical firms are the economic factors that affect healthcare in America. Details

Healthy People

The health of people depends on the multiple principles and stages completed by the medical staff and their patients. At the same time, the principles of the communication play one of the most importa... Details