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Alcohol Advertising

The advertisements are intended to pass some information about alcohol to the viewers. The advertisements are used by manufacturers to display the various brands of alcohol they have for sale to customers. For instance, the one made by Smirnoff. The question posed asks what makes the orange to be more appealing to the eyes and tempting than the apple. This advertisement is meant to show the diversity of alcohol as well as the beauty of the brand.

Additionally, the advertisements were meant to communicate the diversity of taste. The person would be interested in buying a bottle of alcohol by considering the guidance offered by the adverts presentation. The Budweiser advert allows the viewer to imagine that life is not complete without the use of Bud. Bud is presented to be necessary during and after work for a man who wants it all in a perfected life. Essentially, the Budweiser is also referred to as the king of beers in the last advert. The writings indicate that it is the only quality beer made with very little cost to incur at purchase. Thus it beats other brands in production, taste and cost.

The major technique used to sell the products is by use of unique features. The eye catching statement on every advert tells of the uniqueness of each brand in comparison to the remaining brands or entirely alone. This kind of technique exalts the alcohol brand thus exhorting the buyers to have no option but to buy it.

The advertisement technique used is paintings on the pictures. The color of paintings especially those displayed on the ladies clothes resembles the color of the specific alcohol in question. The Budweiser being served by the first lady is slightly reddish while her clothes and complexion are red as well. Similarly, the second lady’s outfit also identifies with the color of the orange in the second picture. Complexion and color is used to make the advert more interesting and helps in completing the communication.

In the first advert the woman pouring out the drink into the glass cup does it so happily that she seems to convince the man in taking the beer. Initially the man might have opted to work and not have a glass of alcohol. However, the woman whispers into his ears that without Budweiser life is incomplete, and it seems she succeeds in convincing him. The grin on his face shows that he is convinced of suspending the work in order to take the alcohol which makes the advertising technique a success.

Moreover, the advert exposes the use of emotional attachment in each of the advertisements made. Each of the women uses facial expresses to communicate. The woman used in the Smirnoff vodka advertisement has posed in a suggestive way. The statement written as well completes the communication. The way she is holds the orange shows that it is really more preferable to the apple. Again the orange juice poured out in the glasses matches with the dress she is wearing. The dress is also used to confirm the statement that the orange is more tempting than the apple since it is sexually tempting. These together help to improve the impression on the buyer that orange is the best among all fruit brands.

The three young ladies used to advertise the Budweiser king of beers are dressed in a suggestive way to the viewers. Their posture implies that the use of the beer can easily lead to high moods and feelings. Their nude articulation may also be a technique to show the extent of sexual excitement to which the Budweiser partakers may get themselves. 

Additionally, the quality production of the beer is displayed by the nude girls whose body texture is very smooth. The technique of expressing beer quality using women also shows that the women have taken over the beer company production and sales probably because they don’t get drunk as the men who drink themselves to excessive levels. This kind of transformation of the women led to the 18th amendment that allowed women to vote.

In the three advertisements the women used are of different ages implying the different times in history. Initially women had limitation of what they could take part in while they would not freely expose their bodies, but this is changing with time. The bodies are used as objects to appeal to the viewers. They are used to impress the viewers who in turn out to be potential beer buyers. The logic behind advertisement is exposed by the level of clarity of expression displayed by the advertisement. Each advertisement concerning the beer brands is very clear since the actions of the people coincide with the statement expounding the brand.

The advertisements concerning the beer brands were directed outwards the adults. The women used in the advertisements are from various races of the world. Thus the targeted adults would originate from any race within the global lines. The target group of people implied that the use of alcohol led to the global effect referred to as thaw out pot. The global races are welcome to celebrate the beer brands while peacefully exercising their cultural practices. The thaw out pot allows people to incorporate all their lifestyles into an interconnected community.

The advertisements were targeted to both men and women. The gender global integration of men and women has led to the increase in cases of beer intake. Initially over the decades the beer had been outlined to be men’s drink. However, with changes in moral sense many more women have involved themselves in Beer Company. The increase was induced by the 18th amendment that led to the challenge of the American character. The 19th amendment prohibits the change of gender related roles in the job market. The twisting of jobs as noted from the year 1920 led to an immense undulation effect in the global community.

Additionally, the advertisements were targeted to people of various social classes and diverse ethnic origins. The adverts as well as the use of the alcohol drinks, however, cause diverse effects in the lives of all these people. This led to the theme referred to as assimilating all natives without discrimination geared to togetherness. The people from all over the globe are assimilated into a single culture with common practices. All the social classes of people in America were expected to embrace their diverse cultures and live peacefully in the new place as though they were home.

The advertisements displaying the various alcohol types expose the American character as having the ability to sustain regional forces and still maintain rational amusement. The American people are so much integrated that the specific character is hard to depict from the external activities. However a clear line was drawn between the contemporary and the 1900s times. Most important to be reveled is the behavior of men to get too drunk with beer that led to the 18th amendment. The American people, however, did not let the overall character break and fall off since they instituted adjustments known as the 19th amendment.

The American character had taken a dangerous downward path that affected their beliefs and practices. The decline heightened until a meeting to discuss issues akin to politics, law and agriculture was started. These specific topics were intended to bring men to self actualization thus improvement. According to Franklin Stove, men would have more heat with less smoke released which meant more sobrieties without stupor. Essentially the American character was restored by hard work and institution of collective spirit. Additionally poems, education and self-governing values were exercised in order to eliminate totalitarianism in political affairs and religion. This changed the American beliefs and practices in the contemporary world.

The American myths are clearly reflected by the advertisements placed concerning the alcohol. The prevailing myth among adolescents was that the people of the west are filled with adventure. The adverts displayed different types of realities and myths. The picture of the woman serving beer in a glass is dressed smartly reflecting respect and dignity in the lifestyle as well as in the type of beer. This showed good morals as contrasted to the second advert and third where the women are dressed seductively. Therefore, the analysis shows that the morals as related to myths are in a huge way adventurous. The younger women are used to pose in more adventurous tempting postures which also reflect in the respective course themes.

The course provides various examples of applications of advertisement techniques. John L. O’Sullivan a cofounder of the Democratic review in 1837 asserts that America is entitled to use all energies to manifest it’s indeed destiny. The friends questioned commented that they never use alcohol products, however, they have severally seen the advertisements. Some of them agree with James Fennimore Cooperstown, writer of the Leather Stocking Tales. He being a Chivalry hero identifies with Edward Ellis who also protects women.They suggest that women should not compromise their beauty for mere advertisement purposes.

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