Anatomy and Physiology

What determines which direction carbon dioxide and oxygen diffuse in the lungs and the tissues? 

Diffusion, regardless if it is of gases or other substance, always dependents on a diffusion gradient. It always takes place from the area with high [H] concentrations to that area with a low [L] concentration (LeVert, 2002). 
Lungs: the oxygen shifts from [H] concentrations in the alveoli/ lungs to [L] concentrations in the blood, CO2 moves from [H] concentrations in the blood to the [L] concentrations in the lungs/alveoli

With tissues the situation is similar: oxygen shifts from [H] concentrations in the blood to [L] concentrations in the tissues, CO2 moves from [H] concentrations in the tissues to [L] concentrations in the blood (Ballard, 2003).

What is a fever? What produces it? What does it indicate?

Fever can be defined as body temperatures higher than the normal. In reaction to an illness, infection, or other cause, the hypothalamus, which controls body temperature, may alter the body to high temperatures (DeStefano, 2012). The substances which cause fevers are known as pyrogens, they can emanate from inside the patient’s body, cytokines proteins, or outside such as germs and their toxins). Fevers indicate at rectal temperature that is equal or beyond 100.4 Fahrenheit, 37.5 degree Celsius (Rowe, 2005).

How does the respiratory system act to control the acid-base balance of the blood?

Respiratory control of acid-base balances of the blood uses the bicarbonate buffers and the facts that H2O and CO2 are in reversible balance with H2CO3. The Acidosis triggers the respiratory centers to raise respiratory depth and rate, which emits more CO2 while causing blood pH to increase (Hall et al, 2011). Alkalosis lowers the respiratory centers, resulting in CO2 retention and an eventual fall in blood’s pH (Guyton et al, 2006).
Why does a man’s sexual function remain unchanged after a vasectomy?

Vasectomy is the surgical procedure executed to make a male sterile, or incapably to father children. This is a permanent male’s birth control strategy, and a way of contraception applied in various places although controversy surrounds it (Basso, 2002). Generally, the procedures leaves men unchanged, only, that their vas deferens, tubes leading towards the testes are permanently blocked. However, testes still eject sperms, although the sperms die and get absorbed by the human body. The amounts of testosterone remain the unchanged, and all the male sexual traits remain similar to before the vasectomy. For many men, the capability to have erections is unaffected (Denniston, 2002).

Based on the known information and your own experiences, do you believe that the U.S. Education System can overcome its current problems and be a viable institution in the 21st century? Why or why not?

I am against the idea that the U.S. Education System can overcome its current problems and be a viable institution in the 21st century. Why because enough attention is not being paid to the teachers who form the main pillar in education (Read, 2011). The united States have able and skilled teachers. However, no attention has been rendered to the facts that a number of high performing countries in the international scope get their teachers in dispaproportionally, that is, from the top 3rd of the students who complete college (Gerson, 2010). This is a pure contrast with the American system. This implies that if the conditions of working for teachers were to be improved, so would the education levels. However, there is none to be pay attention to the situation.

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