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Career research refers to the process whereby an individual gathers more information relating to the career he intends to get into. Individuals are getting more concerned about the careers they wish to pursue, thus hence an increasing need to learn about careers and get in-depth knowledge concerning them. Through the career research, an individual is able to measure his abilities and interests in relation the career he wishes to pursue (Labor, 2011). In addition, the career research has led to the emergence of career professionals who specialize in advising individuals on matters relating to careers and wise career choice. Career research is vital because it gives the individual an adequate information relating to a particular career. It means that an individual is able to take the correct subject combination and have an overview about the benefits of the career. Pharmacy is a career that involves making medical prescriptions to people.

This essay explicates a career research based on Pharmacy.

Pharmacists are the individuals who give medical prescriptions to others. They ensure that individuals get the best information on the drugs usage especially those sold over the counter. Pharmacists are instrumental advising to the patients on the matters relating to the usage of drugs. These people advise doctors on matters relating to medical therapy to ensure that they administer the correct medication to their patients (Cuéllar & Ginsburg, 2009). In addition, they advise patients on the best and healthy living. They ensure that people get the required exercises, manage stress and acquire a better feeding habit as they take their medicine. They assist in completing the third party insurance forms and other paper work needed.

Pharmacists could be either community based or be employed in various health facilities. Community based pharmacists are those who are self employed and run their own facilities. They are instrumental in offering medical prescriptions to the immediate community. They sell their medications over the counter and advise physicians at the community level on matters relating to the medical therapy (Shargel, Mutnick, Souney, & Swanson, 2009). They could employ assistants to help them with their running of their pharmacies as they offer crucial advice to their clients on various matters. Those employed in health facilities offer critical advice to the medical staff on matters relating to the selection and the effect of drugs. In addition, they plan, monitor and evaluate the drug structure in these facilities. They store their patients’ information in computers to ensure that the records are easily retrieved when needed for the prescription purposes.

This is a career with wide opportunities in the job market. A pharmacist could be employed by a medical manufacture, to offer the required research on the ingredients contained in various drugs. They could also be employed in colleges and other institutions of higher learning to teach those aspiring to get into the field (University, 2003). Finally, they could be employed in health insurance firms where they are required to estimate the cost benefit analysis on various drugs. Pharmacy is an interesting field as it involves direct interactions between the individual and the rest of society. The working environment for a pharmacist must be clean in order to avoid any risks of contamination of the drugs. Pharmacists are busy people and may be required to serve the community the entire day because health emergencies are unpredictable.

One could achieve this career by developing an interest in the subjects such as Mathematics, Natural Sciences , Chemistry and Physics (University, 2003). In addition, one should have a background knowledge in Humanities and Social Sciences. This is the first step for one to achieve the career. The individual must consider his abilities in these subjects and should match them with his interests. Pharmacy involves many calculations thus making Mathematics one of the vital subjects for one to achieve this coveted career. The love for Chemistry and the other natural sciences would also be instrumental for one to achieve the career. One needs to know the correct measures of substances as applied in Chemistry. This will form a stepping- stone for him to get into the career and ultimately achieve it. One needs to score the best grades in all the subjects required, as this will enable him to get a chance to be accommodated in the institutions offering training in the field. For a person to be taken into the training institution, one must complete at least the two years of specific professional study in these particular subjects. Emphasis is put on the academic merit that one achieves in the course. Posting excellent results would give one an opportunity of achieving this dream career.

One could achieve the career by scoring well in the areas relating to the interaction with others in the society. This is achieved through the social sciences studied before getting into a professional pharmacy school (Statistics, 2011). A person should have an interest in dealing with people and should have compassion dealing with individuals exposed to various conditions. An individual should have a positive mind when dealing with others. One should then make an application to the credible institutions that offer the pharmacy course. A credible institution will ensure that one achieves the best in the career and is trained to use the best practices to achieve this career dream. It will also make sure that one is accepted in the market place as a qualified pharmacist. Generally the career could be achieved by being excellent and giving out the best results in the required subjects that are vital in this area of study.

The education that is involved in reaching the career goals is enormous. Individuals need a serious training and must undergo the necessary and required educational stage that will ultimately facilitate the achievement of their career goals. The career goals refer to the acquisition of the necessary skills that are vital in helping the entire community. One needs to take a two-year compulsory training in Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences. This initial training is vital because it sets a stepping stone for one to join the actual field of pharmacy (Shargel, Mutnick, Souney, & Swanson, 2009). The skills acquired at this pre-university stage are vital because they help the individual to have a background information on the actual requirements of the career. The pre-university level equips the individual with vital knowledge for attaining the pharmacy career goal. One is able to learn how to interact with others in the society. In addition, one is equipped with the initial skills that would help him start serving the community at an earlier stage into the career. The two years are a vital requirement because they generally give the individual a head start.

After the successful completion of the two years of specific professional study, one is required to apply for training in a credible college or a pharmacy school. This is where the individual would acquire the necessary training and skills required in the pharmacy career. This is the stage where one is expected to graduate with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, abbreviated as Pharm. D. This is the proof that one actually attended the training and has acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to practice as a pharmacist (Cuéllar & Ginsburg, 2009). The degree program takes four years to complete. One must undergo the thorough for this maximum period to be assured of getting into the job market and ultimately achieving the career goals desired such as a handsome pay and a better service to people.

One can advance to the residency programs that take one or two years. At this stage, the post-graduate pharmacists are required to come up with a research paper. Some pharmacists who run their own pharmacies can further pursue a degree in a business related field such as Bachelor of Business Administration (Labor, 2011). This will make sure that apart from offering pharmaceutical services, they could also manage their business in an organized manner and ultimately achieve their career goals. These academic stages will help in placing pharmacists in the market where they are able to achieve their various goals such as delivering the best services to people and earning the best salaries as one advances.

In conclusion, career research is a vital exercise that involves learning more about a given career field. One is then able to get information regarding a particular career before making a choice to get into pharmacy. Pharmacists are experts who give people the prescriptions regarding various drugs. They are individuals trained in the medical fields and could even offer physicians’ vital advice regarding a medical advice. Pharmacists could employ themselves as community-based experts or could be employed as to work in health facilities. The pharmacists in all these areas offer vital individuals in their areas of work. For one to achieve the pharmacy career, he must have a passion and love for Mathematics, Natural Sciences such as Chemistry and Physics, Humanities and Social Sciences. It acts as a stepping -stone for achieving the dream of getting into the pharmacy field. Without these requirements, an individual will not achieve the career due to lack of the necessary requirements. One could achieve the goals of the career through undergoing thorough the education and training. One needs to train in a credible college or pharmacy school and achieve a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Pharmacists could also advance into the post-graduate level thus increasing the achievement of the goals.

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