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Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models

The resonating question is: “who cares if the healthcare system does not conform to the sound patient care delivery models?” A form of redress to this question elucidates the need for understanding the growth and shifts in the practice of nursing, which is vital in the prescription of a mode of approach that could lead to the realization of the goals of the healthcare practice. Consequently, this question remains unanswered as the United States continues to preach the vitality of the healthcare system of service providence. The factor that underpins realization of the goals of the healthcare system lies in the definition of the roles of the nurses, since they contribute the highest percentage of participation in healthcare

Additionally, the articulation of the patient care delivery models defines the future of the healthcare system, in which the nursing fraternity is a contributory factor. A close look at the patient care delivery models through reflection into the past and the contemporary practices in the healthcare system could aid in the prescription of a change management system that could rehabilitate the healthcare practice in which the nurses find new forms of structures and consequent job opportunities

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Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models

A reflection into the past practices shows that the conventional practice of the healthcare systems relied upon the “Total Patient Care” model that sought to address the proactivity of patients towards there own health. This model implied to seek a form of redress system that could aid the patients in management of their own health. The need for reformation of the healthcare practice and the consequent evolution led to the changes in the patient care delivery models to incorporate concepts like the continuum, which seeks to address the continuity of providence of care management systems to the patients. The shift also addresses the concept of “Accountable Care Act”, which is a report that describes the redress systems to the challenges faced in realization of the goals of the healthcare system. The report identifies the current initiates that include the “Accountable Care Organizations”, which is the first initiate with the legal mandate of affordability of the healthcare services. This is basically achieved through ensuring that he costs of health insurance and the risk factors are fixed at an affordable price in order to reduce the cost without compromising the quality

The second initiate of ACA is the medical homes, which form a consolidation of professional care givers and the patients as a common community. This specifically targets the children with special needs. On the other hand, the “Community Healthcare Center” provides primary care to the marginalized and the poor, in which the funding system therein depends on the legislation of the federal government. This community healthcare center forms the third initiate of ACA while the “Nurse-Managed Health” Clinics form the fourth and final initiate. The latter acts as a subsidy in service delivery, although it bears the setback of lack of proper financing system. This implies that the patient care models have reformed to culminate in improved health although there is need for prescription of a future for the models for consistency in definition of viability. This could be achieved through transformation with technological advancement.

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From the synthesis of the patient care delivery models, it is apparent that there is an affirmative correlation between the transitions and viability. However, there is need for incorporation of technological advancement that is vital in elucidating the role of nurses in the systems of healthcare. This prescription is an essential tool for creating accountability within the nursing fraternity since the nurses are charged with the responsibility of articulating conformation between the healthcare systems to the sound patient care delivery models.

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