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Life Care Plan for James

Asthma is derived from a Greek word which means panting. It is a common long lasting inflammatory disease of the breathing passage characterized by inconsistent and recurring signs, reversible airflow blockage and bronchospasm (Corkin, 2011). Common signs include breath shortness, wheezing, tightness of the chest and coughing. It is thought to be triggered by a combination of environmental and genetic factors. It is usually diagnosed according to the sign’s pattern therapy response over time, and measuring of breath. It can be classified under two categories atopic and non-atopic. Asthma is mostly a genetic disease which is passed from one generation to another. To be able to handle all the costs that come in handy, one need a life care plan.

Life care plan is a guide through the frustrating and confusing puzzle of your loved one’s long standing care needs. It concentrates on a holistic approach to your needs by bringing together legal expertise of an experienced law attorney with skilled training qualified and registered nurse, care coordinator, and both benefits and Medicare specialist. It simply pays special importance on issues surrounding long life. It includes all those services that will enhance a quality life for the participants.

Current date:   17th February 2012

Date of birth:  1st February 2000

Current age:   11 years

Date of injury: 25th October 2009

Normal Life Expectancy: 60 additional years.

James is a young boy who is asthmatic. He suffers from a severe asthma thus he requires a constant medical checkup. Asthma is a very costly illness to take care of financially. Thus a lot of resources need to be availed in order to take appropriate care. There are inhalers that will be required, drugs to be purchased and many more. In this case it is highly necessary that James requires an insurer. The need for James to acquire corticosteroids inhalers will require a substantial amount of money. It is in the interest of both parties that James will be supplied with the best quality inhalers. These inhalers will require an amount between a hundred and twenty and a hundred and forty dollars annually. The inhalers must be insured as stated and required by the insurance policy. Due to his age and medical requirements, a further one a hundred and fifty four dollars will be spent to facilitate the annual asthma medications. Due to the high chances of contracting asthma by the close relatives, it will be highly commendable for them to acquire protective measures. This translates to a further increase in the contributions made annually (Cutler, 2006).

For him to lead a high quality life, there are things that needs to be put in place. A lot of psycho-social situation may take their toll. For instance, the fear of side effects by the seniors may lead to low adherence to medication. This will go a long way in destabilizing the management of the illness. The patient should also be in a position to attend for asthma appointments. Here he will be taught the best techniques required to use an inhaler effectively. Failure to adhere to this may lead to a premature death as has been noted in a recent research. The company should not be held responsible for any consequences whatsoever. Due to the likelihood of the parents suffering a financial stress, better infrastructure should be put in place. For instance, the company should be ready to accept monthly installments from James family. This should go a long way in help the family avoid bankruptcy. In case of the parents losing their current jobs, any other legal document can be used as collateral. This will help in the harboring great relationships between the two parties. Transport is to be availed whenever the boy is attending an asthma medication session. The boy should also be accompanied by an understanding person just in case an accident occurred. He should also have his inhalers wherever he is going even during the times he feels like he is “normal.”  His peers should be made to understand his condition so as to reduce the chances of any vice that might lead to psychological problems. Continuous guidance and counseling to avoid stress if any piling up and leading to more complications. The boy should be kept abreast and provided with any information that is deemed necessary. It has been noted that lack of adequate information has contributed to the number of deaths witnessed as patients are unable to manage the illness.

In order to tackle all his problems a better health care is necessary. A fast acting medication should be put in place to help cope with acute symptoms. Long term infrastructure should be available at all time to help prevent further exacerbation. Proper tests should be carried in order to help identify the triggers. This will go a long way in helping James avoid them thus chances of emergency treatment are reduced. The hospitals he is to attend have to have the required equipment in place and functioning properly. The parents should be knowledgeable so as to be able to handle any first aids if required. There should be absolute adherence to medication failure to which the outcome will be held as a family’s responsibility. Low adherence may also lead to permanent change in lungs’ performance. Though strenuous activities should be avoided, it would be of great importance for the boy to be exercising. It will help him keep fit and avoid further complications. Asthma patients are expected to have numerous future medical complications.

There are a lot of issues that come in handy with being asthmatic. For instance, there is a growing concern among the members of the public that asthmatic people are being discriminated against. Few employers are ready and willing to take in an asthmatic employee. There is fear that the cost of insuring such a subject is higher and the risk of an accident happening is high. For kids with the same problems they are facing similar problems from their peers. As it is well documented asthma takes its toll on the day to day living (Luck, 2006). It is very difficult for an asthmatic person to breath during cold seasons. The disease also causes some long term complications as one may not be able to with stand long dusty periods or environments. It may also change the function of the lungs which might have severe consequences in the future. It also leads to low income as it prohibits working in certain sites. Reduced rate of exercising may lead to the development of other physical conditions such as obesity. Obesity may lead to blood pressure, diabetes and even stroke as mostly one leads a sedentary lifestyle.

Asthma causes many complaints among the different patients. Currently, many patients complain of difficulties in breathing during certain weather conditions. It makes it necessary to have inhalers with them wherever they go making it difficult to do thing with no company. It also leads to stress which may further lead to more complications. In the past asthma patients found it very challenging to access health facilities. However, with increased technological advancement it has become easier to deal with the disease. There has been an introduction of better machines that will be more effective (Doenges et al, 2010). More effective drugs have been introduced and at a cheaper and affordable price. Seminars have been held to help in educating the public on the symptoms and effects of the disease. This has helped in reducing the cases by a significant margin.

For any patient it is highly necessary to have company around. This makes the patient to feel valued. Community and family is an essential part of patient. The extra care shown and given to a patient goes a long way in helping reduce stress rates. Also during difficult times they can help them with their chores. The can also offer to give financial support to the patient. This will help them in meeting their needs with minimum fuss. Different asthma cases may lead to different outcomes. For example, proper adherence to medication leads to better disease management. Lack of adherence may lead to more severe complications thus increasing the chances of death are even higher.

Though asthma is an incurable disease, it is no cause for an asthmatic not to lead a normal and active life. This can be achieved with proper treatment and disease management. With proper disease management one will be able to prevent him/herself and thus less worries for complications. Asthma needs proper control for one to be relevant in their respective field of work. Improper asthma control can lead to absenteeism from work places, school and from the activities that one enjoys doing (Guilbert et al, 2010). With the current crop of scientists, it is right to say that asthma is under control. The life care plan will also help cater for all medical needs in the future. This goes a long way in helping the families attain financial stability. It is a very good program as it also gives more than financial stability. It also helps the individual get medical security as he can access the facilities at any time.

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