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Life Span


From my observations, Dominick was the most active individual: strong physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally active, as compared to others. This was evident through the way he quickly solved his tasks. Sophia followed him in these attributes. Christian was the least physically active in performing the tasks. His cognitive and social performance was the least favorable in all the three instances among the three young children.


Cracking the code of life touches religious ethical issues. Scientists are increasingly defying the popular theory of God’s creation. Nonetheless, playing God in the lab is against religious beliefs of many. To sequence the genetic code successfully, they faced a lot of opposition from human rights groups, who viewed their actions as being anti-God.


Fertilization is an inceptive step in the stages of pre-natal development, and serves as an initial countdown for human life. After an embryo has been formed, it develops through various stages, separated onto three essential developmental milestones, till it becomes a fully formed mature foetus, ready to be born. The micro imagery observed in this video clearly depicts that the embryo passes through various forms until it finally obtains the shape of a human being before birth.


Autism is a genetic disease, which affects more people currently, as compared to the past. This can be attributed to various factors. For example the rate of precipitation that occurs in an area and exposure to television. Great number of young children who reside in areas with high amounts of precipitation are likely to develop Autism due to the increased time they spend watching television.


In the world of education, inclusiveness of all children being in the same class is advocated. Such approach has advantages and disadvantages for children with disabilities. An advantage is that it fosters cohesiveness among the children; makes even differently abled children have a sense of belongingness to the group with other children, who do not have disabilities. One of the disadvantages, for example, is the segregation of differently abled children from normal students by the amount of extra attention they get from the teacher for a better understanding of the issues, which are being taught.


Millions suffer from eating disorders as anorexia and bulimia. In ‘Dying to be Thin’, people undergo surgical procedures just to help lose their weight so that they can pursue certain careers. For instance, a ballerina’s desire to lose weight led her to becoming a victim of anorexia nervosa. She was treated from the disease by undergoing a medical procedure of disrupting serotonin levels in the brain.


Intelligence, love, wisdom and creativity have been studied. These four areas can be used to solve almost any crisis situation that the world faces. He found out the types of people in this world can be classified as being judicial, executive and legislative in the way they view issues. In my own view, it represents practical relationships in real life.


To reduce Alzheimer’s disease occurrence, we should observe people for the symptoms from the early ages as they execute tasks. If there is any suspicion, proper diagnosis should be established to help identify and reverse its effects before the disease progresses to a fatal stage. We should also disregard myths that concern Alzheimer’s and yet avoid the risk factors that may accelerate its development. In any suspected case, medical attention should be sought at the earliest.

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