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I would describe thinking as an intellectual activity that involves an individual’s consciousness. It specifically focuses on the arrangement of ideas in one’s cognition and imagination. Thinking takes place in thoughts that seek to align the human interactions and actions with the understanding of the physical and other processes and origins in nursing among other fields. In addition, it can be attributed that thinking provides a sensible way of representing and interpreting the needs and desires of individuals in a clear manner (Rubenfeld &,Scheffer, 2010). Thinking forms a basis for every academic discipline. It helps to facilitate the learning, since the learner has to incorporate thinking in order to ensure proper understanding of the subject.

Furthermore, critical thinking is an aspect of thinking that is required in any individual who seeks to understand any concepts learned, or to make informed decisions. Critical thinking comes up from an analytical philosophical background that sought answers for many disturbing questions in the society in the early days. It further sought to have knowledge that would ensure the use of authority and power in a justified manner that would allow fairness and clarity. It is essential to note that critical thinking analyses all sides of a problem and all their possible solutions to come up with a better solution. This is done by examining all assumptions, values, actions, evidences, and provides a proper conclusion.

Critical thinking can be viewed from two perspectives. Firstly, it can be reviewed from the aspect of a set of information and beliefs that are incorporated through one’s processing skills, and secondly, it is said to be a habit, which is usually based on one’s intellectual capability, and this two aspects have to be used to guide humans on the aspect of thinking. However, it can be said that critical thinking can vary in accordance with the motivation that one has. When one is driven by self motives, it is said that he/she can manifest a technique of manipulating ideas and concepts in order to serve his/her own interests. However, when one is focusing on fairness and intellectual integrity, the subject matter is dealt within an intellectual manner, and this is not with the intensity one would perform his/her own interest.

It is not easy to describe my thinking despite knowing the deep meaning of thinking. According to what I have learned, thinking is an intellectual activity that demands one to be conscious while in the act of thinking. Thinking, being subjective, is usually an inborn feature in beings, it cannot be easily described. Furthermore, I cannot focus on the aspects of critical thinking because one cannot know when he/she is thinking well. Therefore, this subject brings contradiction because it calls for one to be careful of what they are doing (Alfaro-Lefevre, 1999). However, thinking of the right words that are simply and easy to memorize, it is easier than other difficult words. Thus, the concept lies in one’s ability to be conversant with the day to day used words. This will help one when it comes to thinking of the concepts and ideas.

The concept of thinking is an idea that requires one to have a mind analysis, because it calls for proper understanding of the concepts and ideas to be learned. Thinking requires that the party involved must be conscious. In addition, one should understand that critical thinking is different from thinking. This is because critical thinking is more of a skill that is needed in any professional or academic setup. Lastly, it is not easy to describe thinking because it is subjective to one’s mind and understanding.

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