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Defending Anselms Argument for the Existence of God

The issue of whether or not God exists has always ignited debate. On one side are those who strongly hold that God indeed exists and even go ahead to provide defense for their stance. On the other sid... Details

Universal Law and Utilitarianism

In the search for the proper behavior, one always has to make decisions. Whether it would be decided between the proper and improper behavior, plausible and implausible consequences, one always has to... Details

Literature Review Example

This review of literature explores various resources in regard to preventing wrong site surgery using Universal Protocol. Details

Justice Brings Happiness in Platos Republic

Platos Republic has been the most known and read dialogue since the mid-19th century. Like in other Platonic dialogues, the key character is Socrates. Details

Nietzsche Philosophy

Nietzsche is a German philosopher who wrote his work in the 19th century. In his works, Nietzsche is critical particularly on religion... Details

Concepts of Personal Leadership Philosophy

The development of leadership is a course designed to inform about different aspects of leadership. In fact, this course helps to realize the importance of leadership skills for... Details

Descartes’ Rationalism and Locke’s Empiricism

The new era of philosophy rose against the background of the great social changes. The new theories and discoveries in the scientific field had a great impact on the development of all spheres of life... Details

Aristotle’s Argument about Happiness

Aristotle is one the great Greek philosophers who contributed greatly to the world philosophy, biology, politics and mathematics among other disciplines. He was Plato’s student, who was in turn taught... Details

Branches of Psychology

As an applied science and an academic field, psychology involves studying behavior and mind. The word “psychology” is derived from a combination of Greek words “psyche,” which means soul, spirit and b... Details

Existentialism in Philosophy

Existentialism is regarded as one of the dominant philosophic ideas in the intellectual history of the twentieth century... Details