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Buddhism is based upon Four Noble Truths that are used to identify it. The truths are mainly inclined towards suffering because it is believed that true portrayal of faith is achieved through undergoing sufferings in life. Therefore, the Assumption that one must be happy is not one of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism.

Pure Land Buddhism is the most expedient way by which the laity can hope to achieve Nirvana. This notion is used to refer to the pure abode of the Buddha. According to Aitken  (1982, 179) the doctrine is central in the Hindu religion, and it is perceived to lead to freedom among individuals. Thus, is the pathway from suffering to freedom.

A Bodhisattva refers to an enlightened being within the Hindu religion that is geared towards helping himself and other individuals in the society. Bodhisattvas are recognized and respected in the Hindu religion because of their significant roles in helping others. They bear vital characteristics, but they are not very free. Therefore, the assertion that Bodhisattvas have totally attained nirvana is false.

Nirvana refers to being free from suffering. This means that an individual is liberated from the daily sufferings of the world and given a new lease of life with a new beginning. The Hindu concept that would be closely related to this Buddhist concept is Moksha that refers to being released. This means that an individual is set free in both circumstances. Thus, Moksha is closely related Nirvana because they both have the element of being set free.

A Koan is a vital part of the Hindu religion because of the history is bears. Aitken (1982, 198) asserts that it might be inform of a question or dialogue whose meaning cannot be understood even by rational individuals. The meaning would be only available through lateral thinking where an individual is required to think with excessive criticality. The question,” What is your face before your parents’ birth?” constitutes a koan because it cannot be understood from the outside even by a rational individual. It requires deeper understanding and interpretation.

Lotus Sutra would be best described as a depiction of the sermon given by the Buddha to assembled bodhisattvas and Buddhas. Lotus Sutra is a significant practice that led to the formation of earlier schools within the Hindu community. The service was vital because it led to the enlightenment of the community hence new developments in the form of Tiantai and Nicheren schools.

The Five Precepts are the most basic moral regulations that are practiced by the Clergy and the Buddhists. In fact, they are the code of ethics that are supposed to be observed in the Hindu religion.  According to Aitken (1982, 184), these precepts include, avoiding sexual misconduct, stealing, causing harm to individuals, and abstinence from intoxication and outright cheating.

In the Hindu religion, women represent the majority of the lay Buddhist practitioners. This means that they have been vital in the development of the Buddhist religion. They are supported to address various missions in the religion and would commonly be seen wearing white robes that created an identity.

Noble Truths are related to the notion of impermanence. They are related in the manner that moral truths point out that each thing that causes suffering is impermanent.  Aitken (1982, 211) points out that all those things responsible for mysteries among individuals could be eliminated at time goes by.

Truth refers to being open in the disclosure of various issues relating to an individual. It is assumed that the truth would always set an individual free because he opens his heart to the world and discloses everything. Therefore, truth would also be a throughway to identifying the key elements of human problems due to the openness that is observed.

Form suffering is prevalent among individuals because people build their desiring attachments to forms. This means that individuals are more interested in forms that would eventually lead to suffering in term of form.

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