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Evolutionism has evolved from the purely religious opposition of the scopes era to creation science, in retrospect top creationism. As such, the linkage between creationism and rightwing culture plays an imperative role in fashioning these beliefs. This paper thus, seeks to establish the rise of creationism, tracing its originality and focus on its threat to the contemporary American education.

Creationism refers to the notion that a supernatural entity created the cosmos and mankind. As such, the supernatural entity controls the daily happenings. Creationist is of the idea that scientific evidence alone may not be sufficient to explain the existence of life on earth. Tentatively, antievolutionist-in attempt to ban evolution- advocated for equal footing with creation science. On the other hand, scientist documented fossils to facilitate for trend establishment in support of evolution. As a result, it posed a dilemma as it differed with traditional belief.

Evolution runs from the young creation, through old earth creationism to theistic evolution. The notion that the earth is ancient started in science in the early 1800s (Eiseley 1958). Old earth creationism believes in the scientific evidence provided on the age of the earth and recognizes a number of aspects of evolution. The Young earth creationism advocates that the earth to be approximately ten thousand years old and that the creation days to have lasted twenty four hours.

Tentatively, they believe that all life forms to be as a result of divine creation and not as a result of scientific laws. They comprise three groups and canter on advocating for modern science misinterpretation. Intelligent design creationism attempts to reconcile both the three groups and evolutionists to some extent. Arguably, they advocate that anatomical complexity such as the structure of the eyes underwent the evolution process. (Ramm 1955)

Tentatively, creationists argue in support of their evolution theory. As a result, a judge in Arkansas once ruled against creationism being a science. The ruling, made in 1981 termed it religion and proved it could not be taught in the class work studies. As such, the ruling marked a significant turning point in the evolution perception.

Creationism, in retrospect to religion spreading, affects culture and politics. The evangelical Christianity movement is steadfast and growing. There exist instances of Muslim creationism on the rise in countries like Turkey where it has gained recognition as a school Syllabi. Offering creationism and evolution teachings emphasizes on false scientific authority (Scott 1991).

Right wing groups and activists argue that teaching of evolution is sinful and exposes children to entities that encompass homo sexuality and abortion rights activism. A right wing home schooling compares teaching evolution in schools to Nazism in Germany. As such, the youth ought to respect Hitler at a young age. He advocates that an evolution teaching perpetuates a godless lifestyle as opposed to the creation purpose. Right wing activists argue on America’s drifting to ungodly lifestyle, as result evolutionist teachings as well as Darwinism influence. (Eiseley 1958)

Scientific establishment persists in advocating for public support for evolution. It is imperative that not only evolution but the nature of science offer exceptional challenge. AS such, methodological and evolution materialism entrenches in the world of science. Contrastingly, the two aspects- uniformly accepted- neither among the public nor in non-scientific entities. On the other hand, old Earth would have a profound effect on antievolutionist that creation science publications offer. As such, discussion in university and college level, by far use the publications –regarded primarily as curiosities. Books and articles, on the other hand, moderate antievolutionist tendencies employed in social problems, philosophy as well as science studies. Conclusively, evolution epitomizes, material framework where scientist practice from day to day.

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