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Spiritual Friendship


Not everybody in the world can live without a friend. In this world, it is not easy to live alone. This is because in one way or another, a person will require help and the only people who can provide a helping hand are the friends. For this reason, a person needs a friend whom he or she can rely on during thick and thin. Spiritual friendship is another different type of friendship. It can be described as friendship created, sustained and natured by the Holy Spirit. According to Hinson’s thesis, spiritual friendship has become a significant component of spiritual preparation for leadership.


In Hinson’s thesis, people who are preparing themselves spiritually to become leaders need a spiritual friendship as its significant component. Hinson states that in order for a person to possess such a spiritual friendship one has to be attentive to God (Hinson, 1999). He further argues that people are always attentive but there are certain things that make them unconfident and unsafe. In this case, he is convinced that people know about God but there are some activities they need to perform so that they can prepare adequately to become the effective leaders. For this reason, Hinson has created an excellent place to fill in the void that people lack to have a spiritual friendship.

One of the activities is creating a good relationship with God. Hinson has stated that people should always try to have a relationship with God (Hinson, 1999). In this situation, people should often learn more about God, pray to God at all times and read the Bible. When one does this, he or she will most likely be able to create a spiritual friendship. By doing this, God will offer His guidance and open the way to becoming an excellent leader of the people. Additionally, God will place His blessing to become one of the best leaders.

Secondly, Hinson has added that people should learn to know God more instead of just knowing about God (Hinson, 1999). For example, people should know God as they know their friends. In this case, one is supposed to read the Bible more often, go to church and speak with the other people to get a clear insight about God. It is worth noting that the process of learning to know God should always be continuous. By doing this, a person will not only know more about God, he or she will continue to create a relationship with God. Moreover, this will lead to an excellent growth of the leaderships’ skills.

Finally, Hinson has concluded that people should not always consider the theological perspective of being righteous. Many spiritual leaders state that emulating a righteous life will lead someone to becoming a great person and a leader to the other people (Hinson, 1999). However, they forget to tell people how to go about it and obtain that spiritual friendship. In this case, Hinson has indicated that in order to achieve a spiritual friendship, one has to open up to God. Secondly, people should learn the new ways that God keeps on creating because He is full of surprises.

Critically, Hinson’s thesis statement is practical and can work. According to him, spiritual friendship is created, natured and sustained by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it can only be achieved with God. Since God is the provider of all things and when a person accepts Him as his or her friend, definitely such a personality will succeed in life. Moreover, through the received blessings from God, one will obviously become a successful leader. Ultimately, it is important to create a relationship with God in order to attain His precious guidance and direction.


Friends are people who are there to help one another in time of need and in time of happiness. Similarly, one has to create a friendship with God and to receive His help. In this case, Hanson has come up with a good thesis statement about spiritual friendship becoming an immense component of spiritual preparedness for leadership. One is that people need to be attentive to God. Secondly, they should learn to know God. Finally, people should not always consider the theoretical perspective of being righteous. They should learn how to relate with God more than being righteous and to improve their chances by becoming the effective leaders. All the offered Hanson’s guidelines can be performed in reality and work effectively. Therefore, the thesis statement of the spiritual friendship has become a significant component of spiritual preparation for leadership.

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