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The Life of Muhammad

Born in about 570 AD to a mother that was widowed, Muhammad’s mother later died six years later. This means he spent lost of his life as san orphan and life of poverty that was controlled by trading merchants and chiefs that were tribal. Though he had an able uncle, he lived in this poverty stricken life until he was 25 years old, the time he married a lady known as Khadija 15 years older than him.

This lady who he married was a business lady and is the one that nurtures Muhammad’s persuasion talent and also educate him in various aspect of life. The knowledge he acquired through this means is the one that he used to tell Revelations from Allah.

He later acquired a comfortable lifestyle and had a lot of idle time and he used this idle time to meditate and contemplate. He might have been going through midlife crisis at this time.

Muhammad told his wife one day that he had been paid a visit by angel Gabriel in a dream. He then begun many series of “revelations” that ran through his remaining life of 23 years later when he encountered his death. The Quran is known to be a collection of  words that Muhammad spoke with Allah during his life. Hadith contains the narrations of the deeds and life of Muhammad. Other included the Sira that is his recorded biography and the Sunnah that constitutes his lifestyle and is the modern day sharia.

He continued gaining the support and influence of his wife, he then later proclaimed himself a prophet and linked himself to the lineage of Jesus and Abraham. From that time, he begun convincing and converting those around him to his newly acquired religion. During his initial teachings, he used to narrate the Quran to all those who believed in his teachings telling them it was the word of Allah.

It has been found out that, the Quran that Muhammad presented to his followers didn’t have a moral value that was original and had the beginnings and the ends that Muhammad is Allah’s prophet.

Initially, he compromised his teachings so that his new religion would appease and fit into the society and he was able to convert almost 300 idols of his community to be under the name of Allah. Thing went from simple to being complicated over time with the start of Judeo-Christian theology and pagan traditions. He managed to convince many people and incorporate them into believing that if one could not believe in the messenger or suffer the consequences of being a non-believer.

Historians have it that the people of Mecca did not bother Muhammad practicing his religion. They didn’t even feel threatened by that the fact that it was promoted. Things however turned back to Muhammad the moment he began attacking and being against the religion of the people of Mecca (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 167). This is what stirred up the resentment of the leaders of Mecca and they began to mock Muhammad’s humble background against his claims.

Mecca was a significantly reluctant society and they tolerated his bad behavior for thirteen good years.  The town was getting a lot of money because the visiting pagans who visited the pilgrimage and used to convert them into his religion.

During his initial years was successful in convincing his family and friends  he was referred most the time as “ the street preacher “ and after thirteen years, he was boasting about having a bunch of about hundred followers that were determined with his religion. This bunch of his followers called themselves Muslims. He then went out to the family of his wife and managed to convince and convert the wife’s younger brother known as Ali who later became the son in law and in Islam, the fourth caliph.  The other renown early Muslim convert was Abu Bakr that was a very rich merchant. Muhammad later married this merchant’s nine year old daughter.

When Muhammad became open about his open arms acceptance and recognition of local gods in addition to Allah, the relations with the Meccans became sour. This is historically known as “The satanic Verses” the Meccans were particularly happy at this and they welcomed his religion but later Muhammad had to change mind when he realized that his followers were loosing trust in him. He officially disowned the Meccan Gods by saying Satan had spoken through him (Tabari 1192, Quran  22:52 &   53:19-26).

The Meccan locals continued with their mockery to him and the entire Muslims and they even as far as making life to be difficult to some of them. The Muslims of today use the word “persecution” to describe this great ordeal, only one recorded death of a woman is tabulated in history of Muslims. It is said that the older woman died of stress.

It is also documented that the early Muslims started being violent I Mecca and decided to use military power led by Mohammad. He and his early converts were under severe and constant torture.

When his uncle Abu Talib died in 619AD, he left Mohammad helpless and without protection against the Meccans and its leadership. The leadership had lost its patience with Mohammad. He even went as far as rejecting a peaceful co-existence and pushed so hard to have his religion dominate over the rest of the religions. He didn’t even want the religions to be equal. This is the time the Muslims begun to become violent to the people who lived around them.

He later made a treaty with the people of medina  for alliance against the Meccans. Medina is in the north of Mecca. The Meccans could just not just stand this and this made them hungry. They captured Mohammad and finally decided to put him to death.

The people of Mecca were not against the entire Muslim community that had grown, but they limited their aggression to Mohammad alone. This is clearly documented ans seen by the way they the Meccans try to capture Mohammad but he escapes leaving behind his brother in law Ali. The year was 622 and it marked the beginning of the Muslims calendar. They however did not kill Ali and his wife who continued to live in Mecca for several months before they finally decided to transfer their businesses to the northern town of Medina. There is a contrast of this episode when it is compared to the episode in which Mohammad slaughtered an entire tribe because of their leader.

stingnged from the rejection of his town and tribe, the memessage of Mohammad started to become more ruthless and intolerant as he continued to gain power. This contrast is cleary reflected in the Muslim’s holiest book the Quran. When his family went to medina, Islam begun to evolve as a peaceful religion that was borrowed from other, slowly was later turned into a strong military force that took control of things in all aspects of that society. The infidels of Mohammad’s teachings were being evicted, enslaved and others converted at death point and others were even slaughtered depending on expedience. These things happened about ten years before Mohammad’s death.

At his commands, his followers used to raid Meccan caravans during the holy months, the time which they expected this to happen. This happened even though the Meccans were not following him up in medina. He used to give false revelations to his followers so that they kill innocent drivers and snatch their property. He even forced them to capture wives and children from Mecca and brought to him to be his new converts.

Most of the time the people that were captured during the battle, were brought before him, they could plead for their lives and were even made to regret that they had they known, they would not treated Muslims the way they treated them in Mecca. Despite all these, the self proclaimed prophet did not change his stand and ordered them to be killed trough horrible means.

He managed to defeat the Meccan army at Badr and this paved way to the beginning of dividing to conquer three local Jewish tribes. He begun to preach that the Jewish and the Christian could get salvation through their own faith. Then he was receive with both arms open by these two tribes. He further convinced them that he was not against them by even changing the direction of worship of followers from Mecca to Jerusalem.

In conclusion, this essay has touched many aspects of Mohammad’s life and truly it has shown this man to be a good and humble man at the beginning and towards the end of his life, he became ruthless and even used to kill those that were against his newly acquired religion. He used to conquer many people through his ruthless behavior and also like revenging to the people of Mecca for having rejected him and his family. Because of his behavior, he was captured and killed by the people of Mecca.  

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