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Part A

The need to be alone discusses human issues on the inner feeling that drives people in their lives. This paper basically relates to the various distractions found in the lives of individuals causing them to be spectators rather than participants in the activities taking place. Individuals tend to be drawn by things that amuse them and in one way or the other, destructing their inner feelings of loneliness. This is alarming since people rarely spent time alone to reflect on their lives due to the boredom of the daily routine.

People tend to make themselves occupied with something and in the process avoid being alone. Those who manage to be alone, reflecting on their lives do not do so for long since they readily wish they are out of such a situation. A clear indication on the great need of being amused lies on grounds of modern civilization. A large number of the population is generally living in boredom and use their relationship or social reforms to get from it. The best way of doing away with loneliness for most of the people is running to the church, mosque, temple, attendance of social functions or watching a television.

The worst thing in life that every person tries to avoid is loneliness. It might be rather hard to explain what the term loneliness refers to but probably every individual has hand the experience of being lonely (Krishnamurti, 1970). The end results of loneliness is boredom and thus the great need of people to prevent being lonely. Individuals seek to be together or entertained in order to beat loneliness since once an individual is lonely, they automatically become spectators in life.

It is evident that lack of the knowledge of living alone by most of the people often leads them to marriage and in search of social relationships. This situation can become rather distractive since one gets into marriage with selfish reasons of the need to be loved. It is also wanting for individuals to use their job for the purpose of forgetting themselves. If one wishes to attain extraordinary treasure, the best thing to do is to go beyond the extraordinary fear of loneliness.

Loneliness; that extraordinary feeling of emptiness that is well known to us should be confronted but not feared once it dwells upon us. It is not advisable to run away from loneliness since it will stick around to have you someday and you will never understand it. It is essential to attempt understanding loneliness due to the fact that you can go beyond it. 

The life of the man who woke, Siddhartha Gautama relates the story of need to be alone by the fact that Gautama flees from the palace where he was treated wonderfully, and goes to live in the forest. Loneliness is depicted as a destructor since Gautama almost dies when he secludes himself while in the forest with nothing to eat (Somerset,1944). Were it not for his companions who brought him gruel of warm rice, he would not have survived. He the started meditating alone under the Bo tree alone until when he was temped by Mara who never succeeded since the following day Gautama was already replaced by the Buddha.

There is a close relationship that exists between ‘’The need to be alone’’ and ‘’ The Razor’s Edge’’, particularly in the life of Larry Darrell. Larry is basically a very intelligent young man, who apparently refuses to be conventional to the existing social norms after the World War I in America. Larry refuses to marry his fiancée, a pretty gal from Chicago (Noguchi, 1992). Instead Larry sets on a journey to seek answers on questions concerning man, the meaning of life as well as God. His life is rather lonely since he is just but a bachelor on a journey that leads to stop over at Spain, Germany and India. He finds most of his answers in India from the teachings of Eastern spiritual men. His former fiancée marries for money but not love and thus when they meet again in Paris, Larry has found peace while Isabel is a socialite.                                                          

Krishnamurti explains that loneliness can befall anyone regardless of the social status or educational background. ‘’Talk it over with your educators and you will soon find out how lonely they are, and how lonely you are’’ (Krishnamurti). If we are inwardly free from the ache of loneliness, we can discover what reality is for ourselves. Without loneliness we are free and can receive happiness that is timeless and unlimited for that matter.

Part B

Larry Darrell

He is a young man whose parents die while he is still young. He is enrolled in an elite school in Chicago but he does not finish his high school since he moves to Canada. He integrity is questioned when he arrives in Canada since he lies about his age so as to get a chance of fighting in the World War I. on the basis of his lies, he is enlisted in the war as a gladiator. He moves back to Chicago after his friend is killed in front of him and becomes engaged to Isabel Bradley.

He does not look for work and when asked why by Mrs. Bradley and Elliot, he says that he just want to ‘’loaf’’ (Noguchi, 1992). He proposes to Isabel to be given time to make up his mind about their relationship and the two agree to give each other a two-year break. It is at this point in time that he moves to Paris. He move from Paris to Germany and India, where he gets some answers to his questions before moving back to Paris where he heals Gray, Isabel husband migraine headaches .

Isabel Bradley

At the begging of the novel, Isabel is described as a charming, vivacious, slightly overweight girl who is truly in love with her fiancé Larry. Her integrity is very much questionable, since with the development of the story, she marries for money but not for love. She behaves badly, being a bit of a snob as she does her best to cause the dissolution of Larry and Sophie’s weeding that unfortunately leads to the death of Sophie later.

When she asked by Larry to travel with him around Europe in search of answers to life, she declines since they would only survive on meager earnings. She chooses money over love, since her aim is to live a life of wealth. She is also bold enough to confess to Maugham of her evil plans of seducing Larry and if need be, lie to him of getting pregnant so that she could make him return to America. "Come off it Isabel. You gave him up for a square−cut diamond and a sable coat" (Maugham).

She marries Gray Maturin for wealth, but it is unfortunate that they do not live for long with the wealth since they are affected by the stock market crash. They are forced to live a lower life and when Elliot offers her and her family an apartment in Paris, she gets a chance of seeing Larry again. She evidently shows lack of integrity when she admits to Maugham that she does not love her husband Gray but only keeps him because he is a good husband. She is in love with Larry and she is very jealous when other women show up in his life.

Elliot Templeton

Eliot is described a being a snob who bears a heart of gold. His integrity is put in question due to the fact that he is a man whose life is driven by elitism and vanity. Elliot’s main obsession is ’’ forging social relationship with the rich and well connected’’ (Noguchi, 1992). He considers himself of a higher class since he laments of America becoming middle class when a mere taxi driver refers to him as brother. He even goes to the extent of switching religions and becomes a catholic which has better social connections.

Sophie Macdonald

Sophie is introduced at a dinner party, as a plain looking girl. Her integrity is however put into question since she ends up in Paris as a drunken dope who sleeps recklessly with different men. She meets Isabel and Larry in Paris. Isabel despises her but Larry is human enough to feel for her. She takes the bait when she drinks the bottle of vodka left by Isabel and disappears. She is later found dad due to her behavior of doing drugs and Larry and Maugham are summoned to identify her body and burry her.

The novel basically tries to enlighten individuals on following the desires of their hearts. One is not supposed to be driven back by circumstances nor by the discouragements of their friends or relatives. It is essential that one becomes a person of integrity so as to make it in life.

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