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Virtue in Philosophy

According to Plato argument, virtue is an exceptional ability to perform better than others. Human beings are differently inclined with respect to their gender and age.  I strongly believe in these natural divisions as is evident that most male excel in sciences than females. In the pass of time women have been generous than men. This is evident with the mother’s commitment in holding families together despite the odds (Usunier).

Personal virtues are greatly influenced by one society and individual’s supernatural principles.  A society will generally agree on core virtues but individual’s thought and actions will be influenced by the supernatural powers. Different cultures hold divergent views on virtue. For instance, virtue of honesty in corporate affairs is not what the society perceives the corporate activities but the honesty virtue focuses on corporate employee individual personal trait. Most cultures argue that virtue has to be accompanied by the right intentions and actions. Why should the individual engage in such action? For whom should he do it? How will the actions be beneficial to the society? (Sinnott). In response to such questions, the individual will have to observe the ethical values from the point of starting drafting his corporate ideas, formulating the strategies and the subsequent implementation of the business idea. There should be no malice in the business idea such as enriching one self. The business idea should be geared to the common good of stakeholders more so the firm. The idea should promote human life and wellbeing.  The business concept should safeguard the society from any moral hazards once the idea is implemented. Furthermore, it should not deprive others of their rights. There should be freedom for individual to develop themselves. Individuals need an opportunity to develop business ideas and them to completion. There should be tolerance to minimal errors for individuals to be innovative (Rosalind).

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