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Wu Wei

The way we act in the environment is connected to the way we think. The application of wu Wei begins in our minds. Wu Wei is the non- interfering with yourself or others.  In wu Wei the mind is focused on the present, our actions are in harmony with the environment, and our emotions and desires do not control our thinking. These are some characteristics of the application of wu Wei to our lives. Sunday was a perfect day to practice wu wei. The family is together and there is no other person in the world that knows you better than those living and sharing experiences with you daily. The experience of wu Wei impacted not only my life, but also those around me and in this particular case, my wife and children. By the end of the day, I was impressed on how wu wei shaped my thinking and behavior. This called for a lot of attention to my family, to the point that they were unconsciously influenced by wu wei. This experience opened my eyes to apply wu wei at anytime, anywhere and to any situation. Also, I consider that it’s important to share wu wei with others, specially those in the work environment. For example, as a leader in the army, the use of wu wei would be a great method of counseling subordinates and soldiers in the unit.

Sunday mourning, I woke up and decided to apply wu wei on myself. It was hard at the beginning because I didn’t know how to start. But this dilemma revealed to me that unconsciously, I was interfering with myself. Then, I decided just to go through the normal routine of every Sunday, of course with a little change. First thing early in the morning, instead of going to the gym, I did some taichi and other exercises related to Daoism. I focused my mind to what I was doing in the present without letting my emotions and desires interfere with my thinking. For example, I wouldn’t worry about what I would be doing after and how tired I would get, I would just do it. This experience of applying wu wei to myself produced a sense of peace and rest to me. I concentrated on thinking about the present action and how to conduct it without being stressed. I tried not to judge what I was doing and my behavior. Also, for the rest of the day, I concentrated to avoid fear and anger engulfing my mind. The next experience would include my wife and I.We needed to finish some work at the house. As usual, I presented my opinion to her on how things should be done but this time, without arguing and judging her ideas, I validated her opinions and easily we reached a mutual agreement. Everything got done in a peaceful way, with a mutual sense of harmony. This time we finished together, faster than ever and still with a lot of energy. In this case practicing wu wei with others involves more connection of the senses with the environment that doing wu wei only to yourself. For example, when I practiced wu wei on my self, I felt in some way disconnected to everything around me. However, when I applied wu wei with others, I had to open myself to the environment and observe everything around me and of course without judging. Both cases involve being in harmony with yourself, others and the environment.

Without doubt about it, this day was totally different from any other days before. Usually, I focus my mind on fear, judgment, and anger. I worry about how things should be done; I fear if time would be enough to accomplish the tasks, I judge people’s behavior and all these, make me complain all day long. I discovered that this pattern of life just makes me tired and stressful. The application of wu wei taught me a great lesson. There is no point in interfering with oneself or interfering with others. This pattern would not solve any issue, would not provide peace and rest, and would not lead to growth in any environment. At the end of everyday, there was a lot stress to be concerned about such as, what if or what is going to happen tomorrow.

The practice of wu wei influences others. My family, without knowing that I was practicing wu wei, were impressed with the change of my attitude and behavior. Of course, at the end of the day, I shared with them the knowledge of wu wei. They did agree with these concepts and also decided to practice wu wei more oftenly. Wu wei conducts individuals to growth in every social environment; For example, familiar environment or professional environment. Furthermore, wu wei brings harmony between individuals and the environment. Wu wei is a great method to be applied in a counseling context. In the army, soldiers deal with stress more than ever in their lives for many reasons: - they are separated from their families, their lives is at risk, the constraint of physical exercise, military training, war and fallen comrades. All these experiences produce a high level of stress in soldiers. Leaders in the army are also counselors. They do counsel their subordinates and soldiers periodically. They direct their counseling to assess the individual, provide professional growth and how to deal with stress. How to deal with stress is the most important because, this affects professional growth, which would produce a negative assessment at the end of each period. The application of wu wei in military counseling would have a great impact, not just in the individual but also in the moral of the unit itself. Leaders would be more focused on the mission and well being of their subordinates while soldiers would be more motivated and dedicated to enhance growth in their environment for the benefit of the unit. Great units are made from great soldiers.

In conclusion, wu wei is not interfering with yourself or others but instead, provides harmony with the environment. The experience of wu wei in my life shaped my attitude and behavior. This pattern affected those who share the environment with me. Wu wei brings peace, rest, harmony, energy, growth, and health. My family unconsciously, was influenced in a great manner; they noticed the change in the environment and me.Furthermore, wu wei can also be applied to any individual, in any kind of environment with the most stressful characteristics. As a method of counseling, wu wei can improve the professional growth of individuals for the benefit of the group, bringing full harmony with the environment.

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