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Immigration Debate in Britain

The recent events in various parts of the world notably increased Islamist radicalization in the west, the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, and the increased cases of terrorism in having brought a... Details

Southern States

The Factors of Unifying and Division in the American Society Every nation of the modern states that passed their historical way through the centuries in such a way became reasonably balanced and well-... Details

Academic Interest

Why do you want a PHD Degree on Ethnic Issues in Xinjiang?. Details

Political Sciences

Tocqueville believes that democracy fosters individualism and materialism. Based on your reading of Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism, do you think that individualism and materialism facilitate or h... Details

Political Culture in the First World

Political culture and values identify many aspects of social life and show the general level of well-being in a country.... Details

Impacts and Effects of Globalization in Relation to Japan

Globalization is an economic term that denotes a complicated process, which covers all aspects of social development... Details

Global Civil Society and Reinterpreting Sovereignty

Globalization has been one of the major trends in the economies and policies of the countries of the world. This phenomenon is... Details

Case Study on NATO Expansion

NATO is an abbreviation for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is also known as the North Atlantic Alliance. Thi... Details

Turkish Accession into the European Union

The question of Turkish accession has dominated European nation’s discussions for over a decade now. Its major con... Details

Immigrants and Refugees

An immigrant is a person who moves from one country to another. The difference that exists between the nature of movemen... Details