Drunk Drivers

Drunken drivers on the roads have caused a lot of problems and even led to accidents killing many people. Despite this, many Americans are convinced that drunken drivers do not get the correct punishment for driving while drunk (Husak, pp. 52-73). The issue has drawn a lot of debate in regards to whether it is such a serious offense. It appears that many people would wait until there has been a significant loss of live to declare their judgment on the case. This is a very bad predisposition that has cost the lives of many people across the United States of America. Therefore, there is a feeling that the case of drunken drivers should be treated with the seriousness that it deserves. We do not need to wait until the drunken driver has been caught several times in order to imprison them.  Thus, this essay takes the position that, drunk drivers should be imprisoned for their first offense.

Human life cannot be gambled with. Letting drunken drivers go free on their first offense looks like gambling with the life of that driver and the lives of many other road users. Dealing with the problems of drunken driving demands stricter laws put in force. There is a very important need of introducing and implementing a driving law that warrants the imprisonment of drunk drivers on the road. The laws governing drunken driving in the United States are becoming very lenient (Husak, pp. 52-73).  There has been an increase of fatalities occasioned by drunken driving and this is a reason enough to deal promptly with the problem of drunken driving. Nations that apply strict penalties for drunk driving have experienced fewer accidents compared to the United States which seems to be lenient on these matters. America as a first world nation is weak in applying strict measures of punishment for drunk drivers and this has a connection to the many accidents seen on the roads.

The history of drunk drivers and the accidents that have been caused by drunk drivers are reasons enough not to give them a second chance. Drunk driving is a serious issue that calls for instant action. Any amount of procrastination on such cases will create loop holes for more careless driving. Drunk driving is a criminal offense like any other and thus should be dealt with on its occurrecnce. Despite the great effort that has been put in creating awareness through enforcement and education on road safety and dangers of drunken driving, few fruits have been realized (Laurence and Gusfield, pp. 10-23). It appears that human beings are used to breaking laws and letting them free once caught driving while drunk can be a slippery slope. It is amazing how traffic police officers collude with such individuals in propagating this menace on the roads. If these drivers are not dealt with on the first case, then their imprisonment would not come due to corrupt officials in the traffic board and thus jeopardizing peoples’ lives.

We should remember that rules remain to be rules. Contravening law guarantees outright imprisonment without questions. Otherwise, it may appear like the nation is applying double standards when dealing with crime within the borders. Criminals are not given a second chance but instead are arrested and jailed after confirmation of the charges. A drunken driver is already caught in the offense and does not need further scrutiny to establish the case. It is a crime to drive while drunk as the law has provided limits of alcohol content in the body if an individual has any intentions of driving on the roads (Hallinan, pp. 5-11). There is much communication needed that highlights the dangers of letting drunk drivers free on their first offense. Bending laws on some criminals is a primitive culture that devalues the standards of the society. Therefore, it is universally known that drunk driving is a wrong and an irresponsible act that causes a senseless waste of lives hence should not be given a second chance. Drunk drivers should thus be imprisoned for their first offense.

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