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Developing a sense of individuality for any person is essential for maturity throughout their lives. Each human being is a combination of different aspects that make up what society considers being a man, a woman, a catholic, a Jew and so on. The identities we have can also go beyond our individual selves and cover our communities and cultural backgrounds. In this sense we see people protect those with whom they share a common identity with. There have been various conflicts that are recorded through history as a result of threat to identities of communities, and countries. An identity conflict rises up when one community is seen to differ from another in terms of beliefs and various ways of life. A good example is the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians; because of territory conflict between Arabs and Israelis, the Palestinians lost their sovereignty by being refugees and not been able to proclaim their territory in places such as West Bank or Gaza. The inhabitants who were mainly Muslim, Christians and a small percentage of Jews lived peacefully. For centuries, the Palestinian land did not have any conflict to speak of. This was until the 1800s when a group representing a radical minority of the Jewish inhabitants known as the Zionists saw to it that they deserved a place to call home and label this as Jewish land, especially with the rise to power of Hitler. As the Jews began to move and settle into the Palestinian land they were met with almost no obscurity from the indigenous people but eventually the increased number of immigrants caused alarm from the people and as a result fighting broke out.

The root cause of this conflict is the forceful occupation of Palestine by Israel who had no regard for the inhabitants. They were welcomed but the Zionists had ulterior motives and soon laid plans for complete takeover of Palestine land. When the United Nations intervened the land was partitioned and it gave fifty five percent of the land to the Jewish despite the fact that they only accounted for thirty percent of the total population.  When the war ended, Jews in Israel had taken over almost eighty percent of Palestine, leaving them refugees. For decades Israel denied the existence of this population, former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir once saying: “There is no such thing as a Palestinian.”  It is evident that this particular conflict is an identity conflict since Palestine land was occupied by Israel whose inhabitants were Jews. As a result, Palestine seized to be what it was once before and now was transformed into a Jewish state. Former inhabitants of Palestine now had nowhere to go since their land was captured and even the names of cities were being changed to Hebrew names. According to international laws one cannot acquire a territory by an act of war, west bank and the Gaza strip could not be claimed by Israel as their land. However despite this, thousands of Palestinians are prisoners of war in Israeli cells and there are almost no traces of Palestine land. Israeli forces continue to invade the west bank and Gaza causing death and destruction in their wake. However, some scholars offer that Palestine had a long standing battle against the Jews and had even advised on extermination of the Jewish population by the Germans in world war two. Another cause was the inclusion of a third party, which was the British government who made a declaration to give Jews a home in Palestine without regard for the inhabitants. This was made possible with the Balfour Declaration, of November 1917. The British aided in the takeover of Palestine.

The main cleavages that led to conflict were the control of the land and establishing a ruling social class as well as religion. When the United Nations proposed the partition, it was to remain in control of the Jews and so by refusing to leave the decision for any partition to the Arabs in Palestine who constituted the larger majority, the United Nations went against their own charter. The Jews had further gone to occupy Egypt and Syria. However coordinated attacks from the two countries saw the forces allied to the Israeli leave the disputed territories. At this time, the US was a close ally to Israel and this angered the oil producing states. In an attempt to appease their allies US government made a massive supply effort during the attack by Egypt and Syria and this resulted in a boycott against them causing major unemployment and the worst recession seen from a war. Currently Palestinians are labeled as terrorists and the world media continues to have a bias stand against it. They do not talk about the massacres carried out to Palestine in the forceful occupation. It maybe that the Palestinians are going about it the wrong way but in their defense they have been pushed to the wall. Israel is a land that was formed as a result of violence and war against neighboring countries, with the fact that it currently occupies the neighboring lands of Lebanon territory as well as parts of Syria and Palestinian territories which is against laws recognized internationally is a factor that is left out. It should be held accountable for aggravating Islamic terror. It is simply astonishing that the fact that Israel built its reign by bombing, invading and destroying neighbor countries is always omitted by U.S. media. They are never held accountable or their role in the uprising that has rocked the Islamic territory.  The claim that they conquered the land because the Arabs fled does not justify their tyranny. Rabbi Judah L. Magnes was quoted to say that, Jewish who make home in Palestine through oppression and forceful invasion is not of any help, rather they should make a home through peaceful means where all parties benefit economically as well as socially. Inherent racism in Israel is condoned as shown in this quote where the soul of a Jew is said to come from holiness while that of a non Jew is from the satanic spheres. As US citizens we should strongly oppose the government support of Israeli occupation of Arab land and see that justice is offered to the thousands of displaced Palestinians who lack amenities such as water, food, proper medical care, and even education because someone somewhere deemed them as inferior. As the financial assistance to Israel continues to increase so is the prolonged end to the conflict in the Arab world; only when the Israelis admit their wrongful acts will there be peace in the Middle East.

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