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Liberty Debate

Liberty is defined as the state of being free from control or in simple terms it refers to the right to express one’s feelings in his/her own choice. In our case here, people have their own definitions of liberty according to their viewing of the America’s history. From time in memorial, the Americans have ever toiled hard for them to get what they have always wanted, liberty. A historian has a very challenging task to locate the “greater truth” when he is confronted with explanations to make in matters of history. The greater truth is achieved on the basis of the extent of truth told concerning the issue at hand. The extend of truth is based on thorough reasoning and it matters a lot because in some cases people will tend to say lesser truth hiding some bits or even opting for open lies.

People are the channels of their governors and even their obvious errors will tend to keep the true principals of their own institutions and the only way to prevent this is to give them full information about their channel of their papers and ensure that the papers reach the whole lot. In European government we find that the citizens live under pretense governing unlike other states where one’s opinion is the place of law and this restrains morals as laws ever did anywhere. This is the real picture of Europe as we have learnt about their governing system and it has degraded the spirit of its own people but the best way to eradicate or rather solve this errors is by enlightening them. There exists three form of societies which include those headed but with no government example being the Indians, those under a government but at least people are given the space of expressing their views and enjoy the precious degree of pure liberty and happiness. Lastly those headed by governments of force where you cannot be given that chance of expressing yourself as a citizen. As for our case, we fall in the third category, a government that does not even recognize and understand what her people want.

The fight of attaining liberty began very many decades ago when the relations between Great Britain and its American colonies broke down in the mid 1700’s as British efforts to tighten security were resisted by colonies. This was due to disputes over taxation and other issues which eventually turned out into war with the Americans deciding to declare independence. The gaining of freedom in the state was the turning point of all things and the Americans began to face more and more challenges. Throughout this period after independence, the Americans disagreed about many issues, wondering on what kind of a nation will be formed after their break with Great Britain-that is where liberty came in as one of the major issues. Laws were passed and the one that had a great impact to the Americans is the taxation law where revenues were highly raised and because the Americans were not happy with this, they organized boycotts for their leaders to give a listening ear to them bearing in mind that they had no representatives in the parliament. The revenue issue thus brought a deeper division of the political authorities. The revolutionary wars, postwar problems, the ratification of the constitution, the articles of confederation and the early domestic and foreign policy disputes were of great impact in the history of America’s independence and development from the ancient past as each affected the Americans in its own way.

From  D’Souza’s knowledge of liberty, we are able to learn that it should not just involve only being free from control of anything but it rather involves being free with self discipline mounted within you and also guidance and security from virtues. It is obvious that a state granted the entire freedom will use it badly therefore we should not be surprised about the vices that tend to occur in such cases. In our case talking of the Americans given all the freedom will only work when virtues such as tolerance, discipline amongst others are put in practice. Time has passed by from time in memorial up to date Americans have been changing bit by bit. America is now one of the most freest and open countries in the world and this evident to the willingness of its citizens to die for her and also the great sacrifices they make for her. I think those who found America must have known that it is a new kind of a society that produces a new kind of human being-a creature that is self disciplined, tolerant, confident, self reliant, generous contrary to the early human being covered by intolerance ,wretchedness amongst other evils. From Leowen’s understanding of the liberals, those who are liberal are those who believe in government to achieve equal opportunities for all and that is the responsibility of the state to ensure it happens like that. Conservatives believe in responsibility, limited government, freedom amongst others and their policies emphasize the individuals to be empowered to solve problems unlike liberals who depend on the government to solve their problems.

The greater truth is all about those evils that used to take place with no people’s conscience, cases like why the black’s problems were not solved with immediate effect because they lasted even up to fifty or hundred years with no party bothering to solve the same recurring problems over the years, killings and oppressions that were earlier ignored and many other issues. The greater truth thus reveals all these hidden evils and the shortcomings that the great nation America has been facing from the traditional times to the time it attained her independence. I stand in the conservative Americans side contrary to the liberal Americans side.

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