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Occupy Wall Street Movement

Everyone is born imagining of a profound future, a future where everyone would have equal rights to own, invest, and do everything without any hustles. However, the present America has developed into a dully detaining and infringing intrinsic place. It is sad that individuals from all races, tribes, and economic zones are screaming concerning the alarming injustices (Dean 19). Everyone is blaming the government for having allowed the rich bank owners sabotage the citizens. One cannot imagine that a merchant can sell you a car on installments, and the next day all your assets are taken right under your nose and are legally reposed by your vendors. It is high time for everyone to come out of their mansions, to claim for individual rights. The Occupy Wall Street movement is doing its part. They make a lot of efforts, but they surely they need a backup (Bramball 23). Arguably, every common citizen should join the brave squad on the streets or offer necessary support to them during this time of difficulty.  It is a time that everyone fights for changes in America especially in the financial sector.

What remains when peace talks will not yield any hope?

It can be considered that American women have stopped giving rise to wise fellows, and that is why no single diplomat will confess that they have heard the woes and pleas of the inferior. It is because of this that I can say the Occupy Wall Street are justified to run into the streets and protest. Contrary, the activists are hated, and their names tarnished (Dean 13). The media have wasted no time in strangling the poor protestors in their usual platitudes portraying the protestors as “a horde of sullied comrades who should seek employment instead of swallowing the government’s army men’s overtime expenses on the streets”. Instead of the media tarnishing their names, they should be publishing the issues of corruption and replace the pictures of the Occupy Wall Street movement guys with those of the merciless tycoons. On the other hand, the Tax department hates them primarily because the banks have elevated the taxes for the common citizens making it extremely hard for them to survive (Bramball 67). They all know at the end of the day that they will drink to the citizens’ woes while counting the unjust taken of the taxpayers’ money.

It will be right to say that the police on their own part are objects of the hitch. Survey all over the nation’s towns and streets and you will meet thousands of armed cops deployed to stroll around, chase, and even torture the Protestants trying to get their rights. This reminds us of the Vietnam War where thousands of innocent Indochinese civilians were massacred. Thank God, the Occupy Wall Street movement is not in for war. Sadly, the civilians are advocating for the money that is being wasted to sustain the police on the streets buying them meals and drinks (Williamson 98). This cash is being wasted on tear gases and other weapons. It is true that no one even the politicians and investors can stand the choking smell of pepper, leave alone tear gas, but still they are using the same on the civilians. Apparently, the government does not know that the only language that the protestors can understand is giving in to their demands. Everyone could wish that the cash be directed towards providing employment to the jobless citizens instead of being wasted on the streets.

However, this does not mean that the cops out there on the streets are on the wrong. It would be respectable if they patrolled the pavements, parks, and highways (Gelder 48). The issue is that, they should be elsewhere searching for robbers, securing borders or even investigating corruption matters that the protestors are advocating against (Goodson 53). They should assist the civilians get their cash back. Instead, they are out on the streets helping the bank owners and the rich escape without having to answer cases concerning their brutality and corruptness.

Everyone with the exception of the government and the bank men - will acknowledge that the Occupy Wall Street movement is undoubtedly doing their best in advocating for the civilians’ rights. It is apparent that the movement will emerge as winners in this battle. It will be callous of the state if they will let all these injustices go unpunished. However, what we understand is that our supreme laws also support individual rights and the government will not give the Occupy Wall Street movement deaf ears. With time the effects and loses caused by the movement will have a simulating impact on the justice that we deserve. (Williamson 87) However, one thing that the whole world would wish for is moderation and peace. Everyone is praying that the peaceful demonstrations are issued their wants immediately so that issues pertaining violence will not emerge.

In conclusion, the Occupy Wall Street, movement is democratically justified to run their protest. The government should take their action for advocating for human rights seriously. In addition, the government has not taken the right measures to solve the issue. Having armed police officers wrestle down the peaceful and innocent Protestants will be regarded as unjust. It would be fair if the government held peaceful talks with individuals in order to curb the riots. It will also be considered just if the government takes action against individuals it deems guilty of causing the plight of the majority.

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