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Political Satire and Postmodern Irony in the Age of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart

The society has grown from ignorance to a point where everything is analyzed in details in order to see whether a point is valid or unnecessary. People in the limelight must be held accountable for their actions. If one is tasked with the responsibility of influencing others, he or she must take this role with the utmost seriousness. This pertains to all politicians and celebrities. Political and social scenes are paving the way for the future. Players in these fields, hence, need to exercise caution in what they portray to the public.

Media are a powerful source of influence in the society. All citizens, young or old, spend some of their time catching their favorite shows or watching news. While this is a positive influence, some of the content in media is poisonous to the society. This especially concerns television shows and magazines. The society is a reflection of the information people digest. Some TV shows start out as a source of entertainment but wind up being a source of controversy and moral degradation. What is more appalling is that nothing is done to stop such content from airing on national television. One wonders whether the leaders are keen on ensuring the quality of life, or whether people occupying influential positions just want to make quick money at the expense of the society.

Soon a common man will have no right of speech in the society. People’s independence of thought has been eroded by ideas that are fed to them through various platforms. One can no longer form a valid opinion based on logic and observation. Most people rely on fictions events and circumstances that are imposed to society by media and political agendas.

The society can redeem itself by incorporating critical thinking into people. Once people are able to decipher the difference between right and wrong, they will stand a better chance of becoming responsible citizens. In this age logic seems to be a rare sense and gift. People need to gain sophistication in their thoughts and deeds.

Thus, political satire and irony can be used as the means of highlighting certain events and the current situation in the country. However, they should not be misused or utilized for pure entertainment only.

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