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A Politian can be defined as a person who has the power with the public policy and decision making. They include people who make decision in the government and people who seek those positions by the use of elections, appointment, inheritance, electoral fraud among others. Most politicians use their legislated powers for private gains.

When Politicians are elected into the parliament, they tend to forget the people they represent. They are usually paid a lot of money when they are in these offices. They are also allocated funds that they are supposed to use in upgrading the lives and the living status of those they represent but instead of helping this people, all they do is use their luxurious cars and this money to bribe and make friends with other prominent people who will help them retain their seats in the government.

After politicians are elected in the parliament, they are usually given money and power. This has proven to be the same as giving drunken boys car keys. When politicians are supposed to allocate resources, they just end up favoring themselves and those they are related to. Politicians have therefore made politics a business that benefits only those they know and where they acquire power and privileges without possessing any merit.

When politicians are in power and identify anyone investigating or interfering with their political deeds or someone who may disclose their corrupt dealings which might jeopardize their positions as politicians, all they do is either bribe these individuals and if the individual ignores their bribe they usually organize for these persons murder. If the person who is investigating them is a policeman or employed in a government position, the politicians might bribe the relevant person just to have this person sacked from their jobs. This has become a common act that befalls anyone who interferes with the politicians positions in the government.

Politicians never at any given time care about the benefits that they hand out. The benefits that they get are usually paid for by the people they represent but all they use it for is to satisfy their own selfish desires. They then go to the media, lie and exaggerate about allocating some benefits to the people they represent with the aim of building their reputation so that they can be elected back to their offices.

Before the elections, this is the time when the politicians go back to the people they represent and use all bombastic attention getting practices in order to convince this people to re-elect them into the parliament. This people are usually angry with the politicians but on several occasions, the politicians always find a way of winning the hearts of this people and thus end up being re-elected. They are cunning conmen and women as they manipulate even the most cherished beliefs and intellectual beliefs thus end up convincing everyone to give them immense coercive power once more.

During the election campaigns, the politicians have the leverage of exposing each other’s short comings without minding ruining the other’s reputation which may affect the family and the kids. This shows that the politicians may go dirty just to ensure that they are elected back to their offices. This is a selfish act as they might end up exposing sensitive issues of their competitors, some lies, without minding the implications to the family and kids of the other. All this shows that politicians are simply self centered hypocrites.

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