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The United States Political Parties

The United States has two major political parties, which are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. In the history of America, the country had been dominated by the two-party system. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party represent the modern two-party system in America (Berg-Anderson 2001). This paper is mainly focused on the environmental issue facing the Democratic Party of the United States and the importance of the political public relations campaign in enabling the party to serve all the people through the use of public relations tactics in enabling them to support the issues, which involves the use of communication which is a very important aspect in the passing of information from the party to the general public.  It shows how the public relations can often lead to good outcomes, which are successful.

The Democratic Party is currently under the rule of President Barrack Obama, which helps keep  the American society in a very safe place to live for all its citizens and expanding all the opportunities for the benefit of all the Americans and other races that live in the United States. This commitment by the Democratic Party is in the form of an agenda, which has very much emphasized in the attainment of strong and stable economic growth,  health care programs which is affordable to all the Americans, the protection of all liberties and civil rights, the provision of retirement security, and the provision of a fair, open, accountable, and honest government to all people that it serves. Since the Democratic Party took the leadership under President Obama, there have been several issues with some people opposing the views of the political party, while others were in total support of the party (Jones, 2009).

The stance of the Democratic Party on the environment has been a major issue in the United States of America. The party is in full support of the conservation of the environment since it cannot choose between the American economy and the environment as the environment is what drives the economy to be stable since the health of the citizens is much more important. This is so since the party has rejected the healthy economy to the healthy environment and encourages environmental conservative processes.  The Democratic Party is in full support of renewable energy which is environmental friendly so as to reduce the country’s dependence on the foreign oil which is an environmental hazard and pollutant.  A large number of Americans live with polluted water and air which is unhealthy and the Democratic Party believes that a strong economy is brought about by a very clean environment. It is very possible to get the people to support this issue through the launching of a public relations campaign.

The Layout of the PR Campaign

In fighting the environmental issue, which has been facing the Democratic Party, we have to come up with a layout of the political public relations campaign which will be composed of:

Situation analysis

The situation analysis would be made up of the general research on the political issues facing the Democratic Party and its leader, the complaints by the people, and the community relations.

The brief

The importance of the PR campaign is to accomplish new communication strategies, which can be able to sustain the positive public image of the Democratic Party and its leader President Barack Obama to the public as a fair,

Identification of the objectives

The main objectives of this campaign would be to increase the public awareness of the positive aspects of the Democratic Party of the United States and its leadership strategies.

Identification of the publics

The publics are groups of people, which the Democratic Party and its Leader President Obama intend to address during the whole process of the PR campaign. The identification of the publics is very crucial so as to be able to ensure that all the key messages are properly and efficiently communicated. The publics of this political party can be categorized into three groups, where we have Latent Publics, Aware Publics and Active Publics. Latent Publics are the groups of people, who face the existence of the political party, but they do not  even recognize, if it really exists; they include pupils, children, and infants. Aware Publics are the groups of people that are able to recognize the existence of the Democratic Party and the importance of  the party in the society; they include employees, teachers, the media, parents, and adult men and women. Active Publics are the groups of people that are helping out in the assisting of the political party to be able to be beneficial to the society like the government and other non-governmental organizations.

Selection of the appropriate PR techniques

The techniques to be used would be the social media, radio, television, and the internet. The factors that we should consider, when choosing these media selection, are things like the literacy of our audience, the accessibility, and the complexity of the economy. In case  we decide to use the internet alone, it may not have a very big impact, because there are some illiterate people who do not know how to use the internet and the latest technology or do not have access to the internet. The use of the radio is a very good medium, but the language may be the main problem, because not all people are able to speak English language since there are those who still know only their native languages. The combination of these techniques may bring positive results.

The campaign

The campaign would be intended to take place in all the states of the United States for a period of about 12 months.

Evaluation method

The evaluation of the campaign would be based on the assessment by feedback, which involves the complaints received, the suggestions and all the reports from the representatives of the spokespersons.

The budget

The budget would be all the costs, which would be needed to finance the whole campaign process, which includes the costs of all the materials needed in the campaign, the time which is person-hours, and all the other expenses which would be incurred like the expenses for the advertisements, press conferences, and press releases. The budget would help in planning all the tasks of the entire campaign.

Public Relations Tactics

Public relations in the Democratic Party of the United States is the building of the public image of the political party by making the party`s name to be very popular among the Americans. Public relations is very important for any political leader or a political party like the Democratic Party of the U.S., which is the ruling party in America since it helps in fighting all the political issues like the environmental issue which the party has been suffering since the rule of President Barrack Obama who is a black American. In the building of good public relations, there should be the use of public relations like the use of the social media, sponsorships, the internet, and speaking opportunities.

In conclusion, I want to admit that, public relations are a very important tool in political campaigns and it plays a major role in the modern politics. A political leader has to build a good public image, which ensures that people have a positive attitude and feeling towards him and to ensure his success in the political affairs. This has explained why there are so many issues, which have been facing the political parties in many democratic countries like the United States of America, where the Democratic Party is the ruling one  and has been facing many political and social issues. The only remedy to the environmental issue in the United States is the creation of public relations campaigns with the aim to motivate people to research all the information that they need to know about a candidate so that they can choose and make good decisions on voting a leader, who is focused  on the improvement of the economic status of the country and the citizens’ welfare, and not on his gender or race.


To:       The President, United States of America

From:   Vivian Tous


Date:    April 01, 2012

Subject:           Political Public Relations Campaign

I am writing to inform you about the political public relations campaign on the Democratic Party’s stance on the environment in America which has become a very big issue of concern in the Democratic Party which could lead to the downfall of the political party and the party’s leadership. In the public relations campaign, we have developed new communication strategies, which would ensure that our political public relations campaign is a great success.

This issue on environment is very important as well as the president’s position  with the public image and the existing support from the environmentalists who support the environmental issue in the country. We can increase the number of people who are in total support of this issue through the use of a public campaign which will involve the use of public relations tools and strategies.

I have come up with ways for developing the issue through the use of the public relation tools, which include a combination of several public relation techniques like the use of the social media, print, and the internet since they are the most likely places where we can get to the public at the shortest time possible and they are also very cheap in the terms of the costs which are involved.

Through communication, we will be able to reach a majority of the people irrespective of their illiteracy levels, education levels, or social class. Through this public relations campaign, we will build the public image of the Democratic Party among the citizens of America and help in the environmental issue which has been prevalent in America and build a potential future in the Democratic Party among the American people.

Through the use of this public relations campaign, I will inoculate you from any perceived weaknesses that the opponent parties like the Republican Party will try to exploit. I would make sure that I first clarify my mission and vision, which is the protecting of your public image from the opponents, who will be out to tarnish your name to the public so that they could get the favor from the people in the form of votes. The next step would be to come up with a strategy, which will be the devised action plan, which I would use to achieve my set goals for the public relations campaign plan. After, I am through with the formulation of the strategy, I would then create the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so as to be able to measure all the entire process and the people, which, I believe, should always be balanced.

I would then come up with the communication tools on how I will be able to reach out to the massive numbers of people. This is because communication is a very important aspect in the building of a public image, since my main intention would be to pass the information that you are the best candidate as compared to the opponents and that it is worth the job of leading the people. Through communication, I would come up with the means on how I am going to pass the message to the people and also put into consideration, where I can get the majority of the people. This is to make sure that once I have come up with the message to deliver to the people, then I would come up with the means of how it is going to be delivered and make sure that it gets to a very large number of people.  I would prefer to use the recent technology in inoculating you as the most preferred candidate, since a large number of people have easily and quickly embraced it like the use of the internet, the social media, and other electronic tools.

If the political public relations campaign meets your approval, we will highly appreciate it.

Thank you very much.

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