Aggression and Violence

In his speech during the International Convention of Chiefs of Police, Attorney General Ramsey Clark points out that, for peace to prevail and stop the attack of one another, the police should be empowered (Derek, 2003). He observed that due to the changing times, the police had to device modern ways to confront  issues related to justice and stop violence and aggression. He saidthat each individual who values justice should tackle the modern security. He puts that beyond the many faces of crime, the police hold the greatest responsibility of ensuring that justice prevail through the outside system of law. Ramsey believed that change was an idea, which the police must embrace so that they coulddeal with factors related to law enforcement. The police are the one to determine if order will prevail hence progress of the society. He noted that the riots in the ghetto, university riots, high school disruptions, anti-war and civil war protests, civil disobedience, were acts, which emerged from the youth and social protests, which pressurized the violation of law and order required the existence of the police (Clark, 1978).

Ramsey further said that the nature of the accomplishment; whether violent, permissive or clearly, firm and fair were factors, which spelled the future of the country. He said that if there waseffectiveness in the side of the citizens, then there would be reduced ills, which culminate the society like the injustices, inequality, and hatred among the people thus meeting the demands of the current society. The Attorney General noted that there is need for the police to remain neutral in matters of justice because when they take sides; there will be a division among the population. According to him, justice will prevail in the government if the law enforcers have the assurance and sustainance from the public they serve. Without the support from the public, then matters of justice will be a mirage. He puts that the communities, which the police serve plays a critical role in determining the extent at which justice will be delivered through crime prevention. There must be constant communication between the police and the public, which is based on mutual understanding and founded on trust to combat crime, thus availing justice (Jim, 2006).

Ramsey further noted that, fear and discrimination are enemies of a stable nation. He said that those who create horror and hate overpower the prospect of realizing the essence of law and order. Ramsey believed that America is a state composed of doers; builders and not wagers of wars. He also noted that attacks on the judiciary and in matters of discipline correction dishearten the police force in administering justice. Judiciary is a very vital component in the criminal justice. Ramsey also puts that without efficient efforts of the judiciary in fulfilling the mandate of ensuring that criminal trials are done fairly, competently and speedily, then there will be no hope of delivering justice. Moreover, if there is lack of efficiency on the side of the correctional expertise and the courts, then justice will not be realized. He saidthat the police, the courts, and the prosecution have the sole duty of ensuring that justice prevails in the society (Clark, 1978).

Ramsey on his observation on the issue of criminal justice proposed that there should be well articulated police organization and proper equipping of the police. He saidthat, for an effective law enforcement unit in the country, there is a need to increase the number of police units per given population. In the urban setting, he proposed that due to urban population of more than 200 million people, the 40,000 police jurisdiction is not enough and should be increased for efficiency reasons. Ramsey further pointed out that the police organization in promoting the element of criminal justice; need to be relevant to needs of the present and future. In his speech, he said there is need to redefine the lawmakers, consolidations, contracts of the police services, and the state enforcement in the thinly inhabited areas of the country (Derek, 2003).

He pointed out that each department in the police should critically know the true mission of their service to the nation and the public they are serving. There should be a constant, detailed, effort defining the content befitting the police services in every area of jurisdiction. There should be realistic focus on the kinds of laws to be enforced by the enforcement point of view to guarantee efficiency. It is also paramount to note that there is a great challenge in enacting a law and enforcing it. He said that the source of the social problems in the criminal justice is alcohol. He, therefore, suggested that the police should enact and at the same time enforce the laws, which govern the use of alcohol (Clark, 1978).

The police according to Ramsey, should provide strict laws on the production, sale, and consumption of alcoholic beverages, gambling, and prostitution. To manage these, lawmakers should provide the necessary manpower and the system of the enforcement. He explained that the failure by law enforcement agencies to provide necessary mechanisms of dealing with the vices, has led to the disrespect of the laws, inequality in enforcing the laws, and often lead to corruption and contempt of the laws. Ramsey also took an example of the British police high profile in dealing with the criminal justice issues in the eyes of their statesmen. This arose from the freedom of enforcing the laws (Jim, 2006). These laws were fully enforced by the massive police effort thus tackling the problem of the criminal justice. Ramsey in his speech mentioned that over-criminalization, which makes many people accept  it  as socially acceptable always bring the public into  uncompromising terms with the law enforcing agencies (Derek, 2003).

Ramsey also observed that in their efforts to enforce the laws, the police often face criticism while performing their duties. He said that to delete the perceptions tagged on the police force, there is need for constant reforms in force to promote efficiency. According to him, the laws on the criminal justice must be firmly enforced then it will produce a government, which values justice and not a government of men (Jim, 2006).

In his view, Ramsey feels that, for effective criminal justice enforcement, the police must crucially be interrelated with every segment of the public they serve. He proposed that there is need for the police to come up with ways of how to deal with juvenile delinquencies in those areas prone to the practice. This necessitated the knowledge on the medical and the social welfare resources in dealing with the addicts, alcoholics, and persons with mental problems. This according to him will solve social problems hence simplifying the work of the police force in administering criminal justice (Clark, 1978).

In his view to produce efficient law enforcers, he sawthe need to train and equip more police officers in the modern ways of dealing with the problem of criminal justice. There should be constant educational opportunities to the young officers by doubling-up the number of institutions offering police science courses. He said that, in the police service, there is need to advance physical, mechanical and social sciences to increase the skills vital for handling the element of justice. He further proposed that the police recruit must be drawn from the society to take care of the diverse groups of the society. Exchange of human resources between the police units and the other related professions in commerce, education, production, and government is very important towards an effective force. The exchange program according to him will promote ideas and proficiency of the law enforcers in the administering of justice. To him the police must work intensively to assist the public in appreciating crime and its deterrence. Also, teaching the young people on the dangers of some drugs, equipping them with relevant knowledge on how to use the protecting alarms and devices  help the forces to deal with criminal justice effectively (Clark, 1978).

In his speech, he recommended the strengthening of  man power to provide adequate security to life and property , which is the noble duty of the government. In his view, the department in the police force should have an adequate number of officers to provide law enforcement hence criminal justice. In addition, personal standards of the officers should be upgraded constantly to motivate the workers. The officers who are degree holders should specialize on areas like criminology, police science, chemical engineering, public administration, psychology, sociology and other related disciplines. Ramsey further pointed out that, during the change, it is important for all the police personnel to undergo training constantly in their areas of specialization to help in  developing new methods basing on the emerging issues in criminal justice (Derek, 2003).

In his last remarks on the issue of criminal justice, Ramsey explained how itis important to remunerate the police force. To him, this produces a force, which is talented and committed to their mission. There should be constant maintenance of their salary and is reviewed time to time. In his conclusion of the speech, he observed that a force, which is supported, in all ways will be a position to preserve the public safety and individual freedom. This will ensure that aggressiveness, and violence is prevented and justice delivered to the citizens of America. He said that professionals by virtue, do not lose control whatever the aggravation. As a professional, the officer will act with impartiality, evidently, reasonably, and resolutely. The officer will not be suppressive hence,bridging the civil liberties. Finally, the officer equipped with adequate training, will learn to tolerate those who have dissenting opinions (Clark, 1978).

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