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An Employee Assistance Program


Languish output and performance is major concern of employers universally. Stress continues to be a chief reason of lost productivity for most employees. Issue such as mental and physical health situation, sleep troubles influence performance by dropping productivity and increasing both intended and unintentional absences. Many of these factors are either avertable or adjustable (Center for Prevention and Health Services 6). As a result, employee Assistance Program is designed to assist the employee facing personal problems which may affect job performance (Public Service Commission 3).At an instance when private problems are interfering upon the workplace as never before, employee assistance programs, which were intuitive of informal counseling services, have become big business.

In early times, you were likely to leave your own problems at the entrance of job place, and if your work was traumatic, you left it there when you went home. But we know that those restrictions are leaky. If people have troubles at home, they take them to job, and vice versa (Bedna, Joseph).

Program that comprising of services provided by employers to their human resources to help them triumph over problems that may negatively affect job contentment or output (Barker, 2003, pp. 141-142). The objective of EAP is to assist employees in discovering and resolving personal tribulations including, any mental and physical problems who are affecting job performance (Federal Occupational Health 1). It is a good approach to influence employee performance through short-term judgment of problems, recommendation, and practical lifestyle modification (ACI Specialty Benefits Corporation).

The Problem

Business usually implement employee Assistance Programs in order to keep up a prolific, successful and purposeful operational setting.

The base of any business is its people who drive it. It's purely good trade to help employees job at the top performance point.Persona1 troubles results into absenteeism, lateness, higher mishap rates, poor business dealings, flawed decision making and an overall turn down in work performance. It has been confirmed that serving an employee to aid themselves is far less expensive than dismissal, rehiring and retraining. If an employee lingers too long, his problem becomes a crisis to other people - to his family, to his business (Scharlau).      

Any matter that affects emotional, intellectual, behavioral, or interpersonal comfort is suitable for admittance to employee assistance program.

Depression and despair, Anxiety and apprehensions, Interpersonal Conflicts, sorrow: Death and Dying, Substance Abuse, Stress Management, Childcare/Eldercare, Professional issues, Disaster Management, Workplace aggression, suffering: Abuse / Neglect, Domestic brutality, Financial, Health, or Legal Difficulties (DEER OAKS).

Longer a problem leftover untouched; the more facets of your life are affected by it. Early assistance with a small issue may avoid its expansion into a major one.

Employee Assistance Programs offer deliberate psychoanalysis, suggestion, and discussion all the way through an association to improve its performance, traditions, ethnicity and business accomplishment. These enrichments are gifted by competently qualified skilled behavioral and/or mental and emotional professional who relate the values and ideologies of human activities with management, human resources, and their relatives, as well as office state of affairs to optimize the business human assets (Center for Prevention and Health Services 15).

Who are involved and impacted?

Services offered by EAP are to assist employees, family members and employers in discovering a way out for workplace and private problems. EAP can do well to everybody. The employees find help with evils that are upsetting work, family and their happiness. The company gets profit by preserving and retaining employees with good performance. Ultimately all stake holders get benefit from it. This can contribute to the avoidance of severe problems for the employee, family and employer (Public Service Commission 3).

The most significant asset of an organization is its employees. Both employee and the employer get benefit when EAP are available to assist with apprehension that may affect output and family lives. Everyone face personal and work issues and many situations get better with contact to professional consultation (Division of Occupational health safety).

These sorts of agenda have verified extremely effectual for the wider accomplishment of corporation that occupy them and for the employees of those organizations.

Literature review

In the past, EAP started in the 1940s with services paying attention on the result of use and misuse of alcohol, on job performance. Later on, it included other personal issues that impact job performance. Incredible development in EAP services began in the early 1970s. EAP started to help employers deal with a range of employee personal problems and with workplace issues that can lead to any negative incidence. At present, the immense mainstream of Fortune 500 companies offer EAP that deliver a variety of services to improve performance, as well as help out individual employees and their dependents. These plans are administered by professionals who offer precautionary services and problem-resolution services to individual employees and families. (Center for Prevention and Health Services 7)

Most employers are understanding that the efficient output of any company is a direct function of the overall well-being and comfort of its employees. It is confidential advantages provided by employer .Everyone come across with situations in their lives that they find stressful. EAO is there to assist in conquering these obstacles (DEER OAKS)

These EAP services uphold a stern observance to the notion of helping two patrons; the boss and the worker. If the employee gets better as a consequence of the utilization of this help, then both the company and the individual are winners. The employer has a superior, extremely provoked and well organized efficient employee and the employee get backing with a own crisis that was formerly influencing their aptitude to concentrate on their job.

The decrease of stress will facilitate staff to be more healthy, chivalrous, imaginative, punctual and regular, honest and able to focus longer. This will give a significant advantage in today's competitive and rapidly changing market (Cost Benefit Analysis)

Action plan

The agenda is accessible to all provisional and permanent employees, interns, as well as immediate family members (Public Service Commission 5). A worker identify that a setback subsist and look for help by contacting the EAP agency in a straight line. This possibly can be outcome of a colleague, relatives, pal, or manager giving out apprehension for the employee and casually telling the utilization of beneficial services of the Employee Assistance Program.

A member of staff is liable for maintaining job performance at an up to standard point. If job performance demonstrate ongoing decline, and unofficial offers of support have not been acknowledged, then the boss may start an official recommendation of assistance.

Through EAP, the individual employee and family affiliate can in private and without charge make the most of the EAP services: 24/7 telephonic access to professional psychotherapist and counselor for evaluation, consultation, and recommendation. Professional judgment of problems related to mental health, substance ill-treatment, the workplace and other challenges in life. During the evaluation, the analyst and employee will take a thorough look at the character and harshness of the dilemma. This could entail congregation with family unit if necessary. Upon finishing point of the judgment, the counselor and the employee will talk about the alternatives which come into view to be mainly practical and sensible for the employee in ending the difficulty. The employee will decide the healing service; and a recommendation, if essential; will be given. Face-to-face counseling for all. Recommendation for treatment. Online services, education on the EAP Website, and written resources on a variety of living skills. Work support after any kind of health absence to aid employees regains fruitful lives. Guidance about Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM). Consultation involving bothered employees and their impact on the office. Group counseling should be arranged (Federal Occupational Health 1).

Talking about rights and responsibilities of its stake holders should involved of some rules and regulations. Personal information relating to applicant is preserved in a confidential style. Contribution in the EAP shall not present any opportunity for promotion. It is the liability of the employee to preservereasonable job performance. If problems causework decline, he shouldobtain the needed help to take performance up toan adequate point. The EAP provides the way toget this help.

Deal with performance problems through normal measures. Be steady and treat every staff member fairly and reasonably. Make employees attentive of EAP, where dilapidated job performance has been found, if suitable. Provide support to employees upon coming back to work. Implement amendments in guiding principles when required. Refer to a certified professional counselor for further consideration (Public Service Commission 7, 8).

EAP should have clear professional standards.  The degree to which EAP services are used should be checked. Whether the EAP services utilized gave positive result on the employer’s workforce should be evaluated (Center for Prevention and Health Services 16).

EAP supposed to be ingredient of a superior corporation chart to endorse efficiency and competences that engross on paper guiding principles, manager and employee working out, and, where suitable, an standard drug testing plan.


While anxiety is acknowledged to affect productivity, few employers have established triumphant strategies to lessen the pessimistic effects. Many employees face destructive levels of stress due to harms and troubles they experience in their home or work lives.     EAP is a good way of coping up direct and indirect problem, which can be proved to be costly and to both individuals and their employers. EAP provide comparatively preventive services, early identification, short-term counseling, and referral to expert treatment (Merrick, Vartanian, Horgan, McCann 1263). It is improving the output of employees and the business by enhancing the altitude of spirits and well-being of employees (DEER OAKS). To ensure steadiness in the actions for dealing with employees whose private tribulations are distressing their work performance.

EAP can improve organizational performance and help achieve their business objective. However, speedily altering market and the growing needs of today’s workforce present the EAP field with different delivery challenges. EAP do well in supporting programs that provide high-quality and relevant services. Organizations need to evidently classify the capacity of covered EAP services, tactically bring into line the EAP activities within their organization and influence EAP performance (Center for Prevention and Health Services 23).

Human assets are the mainly precious of all possessions so it crafts sagacity that employer need to look after your employees. An elevated turnover of human resources can be expensive for any business. EAP successfully lessen the turnover of workers by running work associated and private anxiety. EAP perk up the functioning setting in expressions of spirits and support ensuring staff less likely to depart their work. A contented and hale and hearty employee is a fruitful one. EAP guarantee that workforce is well taken of as folks so that they can act upon efficiently. EAP is extremely encouraging to a pleasant organizational culture. The extra benefit is that the recruits be familiar with that the corporation supports therefore they feel an association to the job they are given and are more dedicated and loyal to the wanted outcome.

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