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Cultural Aspects of Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity

In the today’s globalized and highly interconnected world the questions of race, ethnicity, immigration or hegemony are as relevant as ever. Almost any country is affected by these processes to one extent or the other. Moreover, a vast majority of people in different parts of the world engage in a lively discussion of these questions. Here comes the time when even a common person living in an average small town can be affected by immigration and changing race or ethnicity notion, so raising awareness of those aspects of modern life and educating people about them is an important task of the modern society.

Immigration is often seen as a negative process, especially by the communities that accept the immigrants. Immigrants all over the world are accustomed to the cool and somewhat unpleasant reaction to them by the accepting countries. Luckily, the overt opposition to immigrants has changed over the years into more accepting and neutral attitude. The cautious behavior is natural in a situation when strange people try to become a part of one’s community. However, in the twenty-first century we need to learn to modify our impulses to some extent. I’m strongly convinced that it is time to understand that immigration is a natural process and that it will be happening indefinitely. This becomes clear when looking back at the history of mankind and noticing how different nations migrated to one place or the other in search of new territory, better climate, or richer natural resources.

In a sense, the same motivation drives people today. Most often they move to find better socio-economic status, broader range of working opportunities, or just a climate that would suit their health conditions. Therefore, knowing the inevitability of this process, it will be highly beneficial to everybody to learn to walk in other people’s shoes and show some sympathy towards them.

Because of the high rate of the immigration, among other factors, the boundaries of race and ethnicity become rather blurry. It is not a rare case when a person, trying to explain his/her background, gets lost in the ancestors who happen to be representatives of different races. The same questions arise when talking about ethnicity. It is surprising how some people are still very protective of their ethnicity and race and do not accept the representatives of other ethnical backgrounds. In fact, it might turn out that the great-great-grandmother’s cousin belongs to the race one doesn’t accept and the situation just gets absurd. Moreover, the ethnical and even racial affiliation is largely defined by society. Therefore, I don’t see a sufficient reason to become so zealous of these questions and exclude other people based on these characteristics.

One of the interesting issues related to race and ethnicity is the desire of some people to keep their blood “pure”. There are communities who only marry among themselves and do not allow the interracial marriages. While this is an interesting practice that attracts lots of attention and discussion it is probably bound to fail eventually. Humanity has been a witness to several similar attempts in the past and, as evidence shows, such practice is hard to keep. Sooner or later the representatives of two different ethnic groups intersect; and forces more powerful than logic and community law come into play. That is why it is fair to suggest that one day the races that we know today will only be found on the pages of history books while in reality there will be one race and no more conflicts based in this issue.

As it is possible to notice, all of conflicts caused by immigration, race, and ethnicity are quite severe in today’s world. However, the majority of them is based on thin air and artificially composed arguments. The truth is that nature has created visual differences between people in order to help them survive the variety of climates and terrains but when taking all those features away it becomes clear that we’re all one species that need unity in order to prosper and thrive.

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