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Discrimination Against Women

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Women have faced myriad challenges in the society. These challenges have influenced their perception of gender roles, and how they affect women. For example, women have been subjected to a lot of subordination and discrimination. This paper seeks to discuss some forms of discrimination that women encounter in their daily lives.

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Discrimination involves prejudicial treatment of a person depending on his social background. Racial discrimination is a significant aspect discrimination that became prevalent especially from the twentieth century. Although racial discrimination affects both sexes, women tend to suffer more from racial discrimination than men. For example, in the twentieth century, Black Americans indeed were seriously subjected to racism. The black women were discriminated against based on their colour and gender.

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Discrimination is also manifested in public offices where some people are denied access to some services if they are not whites. For example, in the fourth illustration indicates that a black person cannot access services, which are reserved for whites.

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In the twentieth century, women were never expected to participate in public discussions and political processes. In this case, women never had the freedom to voice their opinions. Therefore, they were reduced to spectators who simply watched various political events. It is in this context that women started demanding for their voting rights. This is because through voting they could be in a position to emancipate themselves from many forms of discrimination.

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Gender roles have always been stereotyped in a manner that they discriminate against women. For example, women in most rural areas are subjected to hard domestic labor under precarious conditions that may affect their health.

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Governments should strive to ensure that women are empowered financially because it is through economic advancement that women can improve their situation in the society. Economic empowerment strategies such as business loan schemes can be used as tools for improving women’s financial position.

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The family is usually supposed to offer protection to women, yet it also acts as a source violence that many women have had to grapple with. For example, some men brutally beat their wives to an extent that they sustain serious wounds. A serious challenge in this context is that many women who are victims of violence still lack proper mechanisms to handle such cases. Consequently, they are forced to remain quiet when they are beaten by their spouses. Besides this, they fail to get proper medication when they are wounded by their spouses.

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Women in the Arab world, for example, in Afghanistan have faced some unique challenges. For example, their dressing codes have been highly influenced by various authoritative regimes. For instance, before the reign of the Taliban, women could dress decently depending on their fashion preferences. However, this changed significantly when the Taliban regime compelled Afghanistan women to wear masks that totally covered their heads. After the Taliban regime, this dressing code only changed slightly in the sense that only a few women were allowed to expose their faces.

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Women in various territories have not been able to access better education opportunities. Hence, girls should be treated equally with boys when it comes to provision of education services. This is because without proper education for women, our future society will not be successful.

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The United Nations is, therefore, encouraging people from all races to join hands in the fight against all forms of discrimination. Men and women should work together harmoniously.

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From the above discussion it is evident that discrimination can be manifested in various places and circumstances. Nonetheless, women have faced myriad challenges due to a high level of discrimination in society. Therefore, people should change their attitudes and stop discrimination. This is because without a concerted effort, the challenge discrimination will be persistent in the future.


The power point on women’s discrimination is very effective in the sense that it is properly illustrated. This is because it has a variety of illustrations, which reveal many types of discrimination meted out on women.

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