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Ethic Group Discrimination

Ethnic group is defined as people with similar race, nationality, and share contrasting cultures. Moreover, it is an entity taken as a unit (Bailey & Katz, 1969).

Anti-Semitism is defined as discrimination, prejudice, and hatred of the Jews as an ethnic, national, racial, or a religious unit. The reason of Jews anti-Semitism is their heritage, ethnicity, and religion. It can further be expounded by stating its ways of manifestation that range from the look of discrimination or hatred against Jews to violent attacks by state police.

Islam phobia is a term that denotes prejudice actions, irrational fear, or hatred towards Muslim. The situation where a person develops a character that goes against the Islam religion.

Xenophobia can be defined as a dislike or fear of people from another country or a country that is foreign or strange.

Persecution refers to a systematic mistreatment of any individual or a group of people by another group. Some of the most common forms of persecution include religious, caste, ethnic as well as political persecution. Some other factors that may contribute to persecution are isolation, imprisonment harassment among others.

Religious group can be referred to as a set of individuals or people in which their identity is distinctive in terms common religious creed practices, doctrines as well as rituals and beliefs.

Part II

Select at least one religious and one ethnic/racial group, not your own from the list below.

From the list, the religious group is the Evangelical Protestant churches and the racial group is the Hispanic and Latino (South or Central American descent)

Part III

How does your selected religious group differ from other religious groups (such as in their beliefs, worship practices, or values)?

The Evangelical Protestant differs from other religious groups in that they believed in demonstrations as a way of symbolizing Jesus news. This is one of the ways they deliver the message of the lord. Another distinction is that there is no perception of ignorance among these church members and giving the church its sacred meaning. It is clear that these churches act as the temple of faith usually the time of slavery. Unlike other religious groups, this group focuses primarily on supporting the African American community. In their worship practices, they focus more on social issues such as poverty, gang, violence, and drugs among others. It is also clear that the religious group gives considerable attention to health reforms than other Christian communities. They have incorporated into their religion beliefs as well as practices that parallels those of traditional practices. It differs from other religious groups in a way that it has set standards that everyone should follow such as penalties in any wrong.

What has been the experience of your selected religious group with others that do not share its beliefs or practices?

In the social interaction context, the religious group with others has been gracious. Interactions between these groups have not been seen apart from the white churches where discrimination practices have dominated. The religious group differs with these white religious groups in that it focuses more on social issues such as prison conditions and drug abuse. The religious group is distinct to other groups in that it gives conservative  issues on sexuality, which includes homosexuality that have been teaching cases of activism in this church. The church disagrees a lot with other religious groups, which are in support of these beliefs. The religion does not condone any immoral behavior such as homosexuality, indiscipline unfair treatment of people in the society as this could bring many conflicts. Ethnicity does not determine the religion of any person. Individual has the right to belong to a religion on his or her choice. Discrimination and prejudice is accepted by both the society and the religion since this would bring many conflicts among the people in the society.

In what ways has the religious group you selected contributed to American culture?

Prejudice and discrimination have been evident all along the human history. Prejudice deal with the irrational altitudes as well as opinions that a certain group has towards another. Discrimination is those behaviors directed to against another group. In “Evangelical Protestant churches" the religious members have been forced to preconceive beliefs of the white people as well cultural practices. This is a case where by the discriminators takes the opportunity to protect their opportunities for their own benefit by denying the religious group access towards favorable treatment. This one way led to these churches to be formed through liberation and protest liberation. The white man feels superior and wants his church to the dominant religion among the African Americans. White men have build churches and believe that they are superior to other people. This is discrimination, which has led human right activists to blow the whistle. They have formulated standards and policies that should be followed by religions.

Provide examples of prejudice or discrimination your selected religious group has experienced.

Some of the discrimination evident is that members of this religion were denied access to opportunities by the white churches. It is also clear that members have been denied opportunities of leadership in these denominations. The white man wanted to remain the superior man among the other believers. Only the white men had the opportunity to have certain posts in leadership. This is unfair treatment and immoral. There was the use of abusive language that infuriated people in the society. The white man was greedy in his activity and the treated the members of the church in a more inhuman manner. Nevertheless, the worshippers in the white churches had to follow the formulated standards failure to which would be in various ways or to pay some money. Treatment of members in the church was different. Discrimination brought hatred among the people both in the religion. This hatred caused chaos in the sacred place that resulted mayhem in the church.

What were the sources of this prejudice or discrimination?

The sources of prejudice in this church can be borrowed back from the historical perspective. Prejudice in Evangelical Protestant churches has its roots from the slavery era. In this case before the church broke from the white churches they used to worship together, but later in away the white man who wanted to be the superior among every member felt threatened by the or downright suppressed by the new people and as a result, cases of prejudice arises. These cases of discrimination can be attributed to cultural misunderstanding between the two religious groups. As time passes, the misunderstandings between the religious groups snowballs and over time creates an immense rift causing a wide spread religion. The race has dominated the church had not established fully in the country, meaning that they had not achieved full freedom of rights and was subject to slavery (Oskamp, 2000.).

Does what you have learned about this religious group you understand it? In what ways?

According to the information gathered about the Evangelical Protestant churches, it is vivid that they have come from a long way. On top of that, they have been faced by many challenges among them prejudice and discrimination cases. The regions group was formed as way an airing the vices, which were being practiced to people of a certain race in America. Some of clear lessons from the religious group are that it was formed as a way of protestant from the white churches. This church has been a subject to prejudice and discrimination. All these form of prejudice cases and discrimination can be rooted from the time of slavery and the industrial revolution of America. From this religious group, discrimination and prejudice activities have enlightened people in that anyone cannot keep his problems alone instead should blow the whistle. The cultural practices of it help us to select and choose the option that will be beneficial on our side.

How does your selected racial/ethnic group differ from other racial/ethnic groups (such as differences in ancestry, language, or culture)?

The race is distinct to other groups in various ways such as language, skin completion, and mode of dressing, social norms, and their interaction with members of other groups. The language of this race is quite different from other groups in America. The language is Latin with an origin from Italy. On the other hand, Hispanic is not a race, but what distinguish it from others are the difference races and traits. The Latin language has been used in writing of manuscripts especially in the Roman Catholic churches. Their mode of dressing differently from other groups members in the American they have a unique way of dressing. It is necessary to note that the Hispanic culture, traditions, beliefs dress codes are  shared by people in the Hispanic regions In the case of interaction; this group’s origin can be traced back from the slavery era. The race emerged from the slaves. As a result, they were denied many rights such as they could not own property and had no access to appropriate resources such as schools.

What has been your selected group’s experience with other groups?

The race is distinct to other groups in ways such as language, skin completion, and ancestry, mode of dressing, social norms, and interaction with other groups. The language of this race is quite different from other groups in America. As we can see, Hispanicization has taken place this where many people have adopted the Hispanic way of life and culture. This includes adoption of the Spanish language in the media and business. Many people have a negative believe that the minority group has committed a lot of crime. It is also evident that the social interaction with other groups has not been satisfactory because they have been put under a disadvantage from the beginning. The race has been organizing a series of protests over the past years as a way of advocating for the same treatment with other groups in society. This protest clearly shows that the social interaction between people of race and other groups has been affected by cases of racial discrimination, prejudice among others (Conde%u0301, 1982). Although this has been happening, it is crucial to draw a conclusion that social interaction among this race has been positive because they have been able to adopt some cultural factors such as language.

In what ways has the racial/ethnic group you selected contributed to American culture?

Hispanic and Latino (South or Central American descent is characterized by Hispanic culture and beliefs. The role the race has played a significant part in the American culture as in the areas such as ways music, sports, education, literature, entertainment, journalism, and labor. There is a set of profiles and big names that have inspired in one of these areas especially music. One of clear examples in the education they have helped in the improvement of the math and science skills as well as great scholars and writers who written very inspiring and educative materials. This race holds big names who have won big prices in the area of entertainment such as Rita Moreno who was a first Hispanic actor to win. The race has also been to produce great people in the sports sector, these includes great footballers as well as great runners who are even world marathon winners. There also Hispanic language names that have been become part of the American language. There are both Men and women from this race who  have contributed a lot in the defense of the Americas soil and culture in that there a significant number of veterans in the armed forces.

One key area is in ensuring a key family tie. This culture promotes religious activates which helps in the attainment of employment and needed support as well as family traditions. Most people from this race have US citizenship that enables them to around US freely and promotes or maintains their residence. In terms of religion, many are Roman Catholics that make them openly religious therefore practicing the catholic traditions daily in the US. It is also important that most people from this race have the urge to learn English alongside Spanish. Many Americans between the age of 5 years and above are able to speak English and Spanish fluently.

Identify some specific examples of prejudice or discrimination that your selected group has experienced historically.

Discrimination is real and has existed throughout history among the minority groups. The Hispanic and Latino (South or Central American descent race started because of slavery. It is clear that even after the end of slavery the policy against this race persisted. It instead it gave raise into social theorists with the perception that once one belongs to this race were genetically inferior to whites. These believe still holds even after being proven wrong. A clear evidence of discrimination against the Hispanic and Latino race at that time is that, even though the laws suggested that the slaves who were the ancestors of the race to be compensated the local government failed to do so but instead compensated the slave owners as out of in capitation. Others included giving support to an economy where they had no part to play. They never took part in voting, owning property, or holding offices among others. There was a policy that the real best resources went for the white these included things like schools. The origin of the race can be traced although it has adapted to Hispanic culture and beliefs.

What were the sources of this prejudice or discrimination?

This form of discrimination evident in the race can be attributed to psychological sources as well as historic and cultural sources. In biological view, the prejudice case evident in the race may have resulted from biological or inborn characteristics of the groups. This is in terms of how these people were educated raised or even social interactions. These groups may have been born in possession of these characters. In the social interaction context, this may have contributed much to the case s of discrimination as well as prejudice. This comes along with the social norms whereby a certain society may be prejudiced. In this case, people may have a dislike or distrust in the case of mistreating an individual may be seen as a norm among a certain group. In the case of Hispanic and Latino race, the group might have developed a perception that mistreating people from this race or an accepted norm.

Does what you have learned about this racial/ethnic group help you understand it? How?

The Hispanic and Latino race developed back in Italy, and it has roots to slavery in the United States after the abolition of the slave trade, the race. The members of this race categorized as the disadvantaged people compared to whites. They underwent discrimination cases such that they contributed to an economy system that they played no part in it. They were denied same rights with the dominant groups and remained classified as a disadvantaged group. After a long battle of protest, they were recognized like other groups. Even today, this race continued being looked at as disadvantaged groups. The people of southern America in this case the Hispanic and Latino language has been widely used in the Roman Catholic churches especially the Latin language. Hispanic and Latino have become disadvantaged in the society after a long time of protest. Slave trade in the United States pushed the Latinos in slums whereby the living condition was extremely poor.

Part IV.

How are the prejudice and discrimination experienced by your selected religious group and racial/ethnic group similar?

Hispanic and Latino race began in the slavery era back in Italy. The similarity of discrimination acts in both areas is that, in the religion context these churches are perceived as dens of minor groups who in a way the American churches protects opportunities towards them. The religion developed from slaves where slaves prayed secretly for liberation from their owners. The slaves had no time to set aside for their God. Discrimination had denied them even chance of praying due to harassment of racism and discrimination over one man’s dominance and white man’s superiority feelings. It led to the formation of these churches. In the "Hispanic and Latino" race, discrimination is also evident where these individuals have no power to decide and white man feels superior among them. They have to break from others so that they can be able to fight for their rights. In this century, they have gotten enlightened, as they have started seeing their rights.

How are they different?

The two areas experience remarkably different discrimination practices in that. The religious groups they are fighting to ensure that their religious beliefs and practices are considered as valuable as any other religion in the area. In the case of the race, this group is struggling a lot to make sure they remove the perception that dominates the mind of the Americans that they are a less advantaged group. When the Evangelical religious group is fighting to win the heart of many white men and make them follow their teachings, The Hispanic, and Latino race is working hard to ensure that it ends the cases of discrimination and prejudice directed to them. By doing so, they will be sure of equal and fair treatment by the whites. Moreover, they are supposed to have access of resources in the United States. The Evangelical religious groups have some enticing activities to the white that ensures that they remain in that church.

Can you draw any conclusions about discrimination from this comparison?

It is vivid in the two areas issues of discrimination are evident. The White American churches wanted the blacks to follow their beliefs and cultural practices. Context discrimination is evident where a member of the discriminated group has been denied access to the best resources such as schools, and even health facilities. All these factors have been contributed to mostly by following certain norms that mistreating a certain group is right. Therefore, such negative norms should be shunned among people as a way of improving social interactions among different groups. Unfair treatment can cause many misunderstanding among various ethnic communities. Hatred is a vice that is evident in the religion. Differences in religions can result in the fight as we have seen in the story. Discrimination and prejudice in sacred places brought in different classes of people whereby the blacks are becoming poor, whereas the white man is getting wealthier.

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